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    Supermarine Southampton ?

    Is there anything similar to a super marine Southampton out there in a 50% or even a 33% kit ? Even just the general “look” ?
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    How to answer questions for a medical!

    I have a young friend who is this starting to fly. When he was 17 or 18 he lost his drivers license and had to take a drivers reeducation class He was convicted of a felony for having sex with a minor when he was 21 although the conviction came a few years later is taking high blood pressure...
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    Boat Wing ?

    My friend and I were looking at a 21 foot Cal , And that led to the conversation of boat propulsion via Grafted airplane wing instead of sail. it occurs to me that I might hear some unusual insights on the idea here. Keep in mind A sail boat needs to operate at the lower reaches of airflow...
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    Can wonder woman have her plane now?

    Is there anything preventing building the invisible plane? Clear plastic sheets Cut ,bent, glued and Blown into the shape of an airplane?
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    Control via Hydraulics

    I wasn’t thinking of hydraulic boost so much as control Hydraulic line doesn’t really seem to care much if you bend it 28 different ways to get it into something where a cable system would require some thing at each corner
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    Towable ? Long range towing ?

    Any thoughts or recommendations on an airplane you could tow cross country? Mission A quick return from west coast to to mid Illinois for one person and 50 pounds of gear Must be towable enough to make a trip or two a month Could anything survive that sort of abuse ?
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    For the small plane A&Ps out there

    I’ve read some interesting discussions about how A&P training Could be shorter if it didn’t include so much emphasis on large commercial craft. For those of you that have gone to school and spent a lot of time working on small aircraft A couple of questions. How much time in training do you...
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    Reviving a hangar queen?

    I suspect there are a few in this forum that have ignored the conventional advice and purchased hanger queen to rejuvenate. For those of you that have what have you found that were either major stumbling blocks or completely brought you to a stop? I have come across aircraft that have spent...
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    Why don’t airports have scales?

    Weight and balance seems like such an important issue I don’t understand why airports don’t have scales. It wouldn’t really be any big deal to have a two section scale that would weigh the front and rear and display the weight for each. Better yet a projected laser line Could display the...
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    Propeller position research?

    Could anyone point me at some research a layman can understand in regards to the optimal propeller position in regards to the wing ? For instance would a 60 inch propeller be best centered. 30 inches above and 24 inches forward of the leading edge of a wing ? The same measurements below...
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    Six cylinder questions?

    I’ve always understood that a straight six cylinder engine is the most naturally inherently vibrationally smooth engine. Does this apply to boxer type six cylinders as well? Is the boxer smoother? Is either type smooth enough inherently To drive a propeller without vibration counterweights?
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    Testing ?

    Is it possible to do sufficient economical testing on a small plane (Under 3000 lb ) To be reasonably sure it’s safe ? To give you a idea of what I mean reasonable tests vary with the cost of failure. I can deal with testing a wing rib to failure . And I might handle a 80 % chance of a...
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    Shoot My Plane Down.

    I’ve spent a lot of time looking At the remains of a old Cessna-210 laying on the ground. I keep seeing a flying boat. The engine is missing and there’s a folding chair where it was so it’s easy to envision the cockpit there,perhaps something resembling a WII bomber glass nose. At one point a...
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    Truck boy finds airplanes.

    Low time pilot (800hrs) with a fascination with modifying things. Most of the things I’ve been building so far were made with quarter inch to inch and a half thick steel. So thin aluminum (anything less than a half an inch thick) is a new enterprise. A lot of my interest here will be if my...