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    Wanted Book - A Treatise on Airscrews by Whyrill E Park

    Looking for original 1920 printing of 'A Treatise on Airscrews' by Whyrill E Park. Must include foldout drawing between pages 162 and 163 and another foldout drawing between pages 172 and 173. Cover quality not important. Pages must be clean and free from writing. Not interested in current...
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    Wanted JC Propeller Design Software

    Needing to buy a copy of Jan Carlsson's JC Propeller Design software. Thanks CL
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    For Sale Pober Pixie Plans

    I have a unused set of Pober Pixie plans for sale. $75 plus $10 shipping CONUS. Plans shipped rolled in hard mailing tube for protection. Send me a Private Message if interested. Thanks
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    Looking for members in Vienna Austria

    Needing to correspond with someone that lives in or near Vienna Austria for a little local research. Thanks CL
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    Pober Pixie - Rib Template Issue - Anyone here have Pixie plans?

    I have a set of Pober Pixie plans that has a very poor rib template. The original sheet was cut and taped together. The template was then rolled and stored poorly. Over the years water and heat have damaged the template. It is unclear what the distance between the spars is supposed to be. Also...
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    For Sale Hütter Hü 17 Plans

    I have for sale, unused, like new, set of plans for the Hütter Hü 17. 20 large sheets. $65 plus shipping. Drawings will be sent rolled in a hard mailing tube. Here is a bit about it on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/H%C3%BCtter_H%C3%BC_17
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    For Sale Laser Z-2300 Plans

    I have for sale an unused, licensed set of Laser Z-2300 plans. $220 with free shipping CONUS. Would consider trades. Looking for Vans RV-4, Pitts S-1-11B Super Stinker (Aviat) and Pitts Model 12 plans.
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    Wanted Bounsall Super Prospector Plans

    Looking for a set of Bounsall Super Prospector plans and the full size rib template. Thanks
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    Wanted PIK-21 Super-Sytky and PIK-26 Mini-Sytky Plans

    Looking for plans for the PIK-21 Super-Sytky and PIK-26 Mini-Sytky. I've tried all the links and email addresses I could find using Google, no luck. Anyone have paper or digital copies of these plans? PIK-21 Super-Sytky -- PIK-26 Mini-Sytky
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    Reverse Engineering From Photographs

    Can anyone here point me to books that would detail how to create 3 view drawings from photographs? Many aircraft 3 view drawings were created from only one or two photos. What techniques are used? What kind of accuracy is possible? Anyway to use CAD? Example: Use the first 3 photos to create...
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    4130 Sheet Metal Neutral Axis Calculations

    Does anyone have a formula for locating the Neutral Axis for 4130 sheet metal when making 90 degree bends? Something in a MS Excel file would be great. Thanks Chris
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    Trade Sonerai I and Cassutt IIIm Plans

    Looking for a complete set of Sonerai I and Cassutt IIIm plans. Have many plans available for trade.
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    Reverse Engineering a WWI Wooden Propeller

    Hello everyone. New guy here needing help. I have a set of plans drawn from an original WWI propeller that was used on Fokker D.VII aircraft. It shows angles of the various cross sections, but doesn't give the actual pitch of the propeller. From the following info is it possible to determine the...