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    Simple handmade propeller

    It is very easy to build a bad prop! :-) Try to find some flying airplanes of your type and note what pitch and length they are using. I have built a couple props. One good; one that was bad but adjusted to good. It's probably futile to sand-to-shape without templates (pic) but with all the...
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    Drill sizes

    Yes, order bunch of each of the number sizes and keep them on a board drilled for them. They are readily available from tool suppliers. Get a couple of the 6" and 12" lengths, too. Also 100 degree countersink for countersinking and deburring. A step-drill is also handy. You will need every...
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    Working on an airplane on the ramp

    I have argued a lot with the FAA over hangars but with the new policy, it is pretty clear that federally-assisted airports must give priority to aeronautical uses. If you complained under 14 CFR part 13, I think the FAA would say higher rent does not justify non-aeronautical use. The gov’t...
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    Working on an airplane on the ramp

    Airport rules are all over the place. At some airports, you could pull up in your pickup and change an engine. At others you will be arrested. It just depends on where you are. It might be best to trailer the airplane home and do the work. Or perhaps rent some space in someone's big hangar...
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    Workshop cleanliness for open layup

    Dust is like cornstarch in a jumbalaya! Just kidding. I doubt you can get any amount of wood dust in an open layup that would matter. If I was pulling shapes out of a mold, that'd be a different story--I'd want a clean mold but even then, it probably wouldn't matter. I do suggest keeping...
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    Material substitution help

    McMaster has 2” .065 up to 6’. Not much difference https://www.mcmaster.com/aluminum-alloy-2024/high-strength-2024-aluminum-tubes/od~2/
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    When or how can a certified aircraft engine become "Experimental"? Also, once that happens, can the owner rebuild it themselves?

    Anyone can work on any Experimental-Amateur Built airplane but unless you hold a Repairmans Certificate, you need at least an A&P to conduct an annual condition inspection. Not an "annual"--that's for certified airplanes. The difference is that certified airplanes have to conform to a type...
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    Aluminum Temper Loss Through Grinding

    I grind on aluminum a lot. It only takes 220 degrees to burn you fingers but takes a lot more to change the molecular structure. 6061 is a weldable alloy anyway. Don't sweat it. :-)
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    Homebuilt Aircraft Component Factory - A good idea?

    My Sri Lankan friend, the kit airplane market is pretty small and tooling up to do what you want to do would be a huge investment. I have never seen a photo of the Vans Aircraft assembly facility in the Philipines but here's a video of the Bearhawk Aircraft factory in Mexico. It will give you...
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    Looking for info on controlling airfoil shape in moldless composite wing

    The great sailplane pilot Richard H. Johnson measured wing waviness using a small trolley about 2" long with a dial indicator in the center. I could not find a picture but I have an article in my files. He would slide the trolley along the chord line and plot the dial reading. The plot would...
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    Purchasing homebuilt, confused with required inspections

    What! Socal, I am guessing you are from . . . Southern California. S. California is filthy with experimental airplanes. Absolutely filthy---with that great weather, those clear skies. . . . .... 🥴 But I digress. If you can't find a mechanic in S. Cal that would inspect an experimental, you...
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    Purchasing homebuilt, confused with required inspections

    there should not be any reason you can’t fix whatever is wrong and pass a condition inspection. Pazmany was a common design in its day. I believe the Taiwanese Air Force flew a version. Somebody will buy that airplane and get it flying again. . . . And rather easily by the look of it...
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    Loom the harness?

    Mil spec PTFE (Teflon) or ETFE (Tefzel) wire coverings are very tough. The covering might be cut where it passes over a sharp edge but IMO if it is bundled and secured so it doesn't flop around or vibrate and protected at obvious pinch points, it should be good. I use PTFE or ETFE wire here...
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    Purchasing homebuilt, confused with required inspections

    Is it this one? BARNSTORMERS.COM Find Aircraft & Aircraft Parts - Airplane Sale, Jets, Helicopters, Experimental, Warbirds & Homebuilt It looks good. Employ an A&P (or AI) who will do and sign-off a Condition Inspection with particular emphasis on what can go bad in 10 years of sitting. Then...
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    Propellor design

    I broke 1.75" off a 64"D three blade Performance prop (sawed off the other two blades to match) and it made very little difference in RPM or performance. Later I thinned and narrowed the tips and glassed it. Thin tips made a big difference. Gave me about 100 more RPM and of course, more RPM =...
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    Canard (deep) stalling.

    Check out the E-racer design which was initially designed to do put the engine just behind the pilots with a shaft drive. Subsequent versions used a standard aero engine https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dickey_E-Racer
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    Balancing two Bing 54 Carbs on a Rotax 503

    An idea from motorcycles: Small diameter clear vinyl tube formed into a circle with a B-B in the bottom of the loop. Differential suction displaces the BB. It is fairly sensitive.
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    Composite wing spar web design - composite webs, foam webs, etc.

    This guy has a good site showing how the shear web that connects the spar caps are built in a Long-ez. Chapter 19 is the wing http://www.aryjglantz.com/2015/10/right-wing-shear-web.html These structures are so quick and easy to build you could make a load-test item pretty quick
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    FS: Strojnik set, Stinton's Design o/t Aeroplane

    Bump. Stinton book is sold. Strojnik set available.