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  1. steve-lima

    Biplane design

    Hello all . I've been building a Marquart Charger but money is tight at this time so I've been keeping busy drawing and Biplane design that has been in my head lately. It is very small all wood plane. It fits in a two car garage with wings on. I'm wanting to power with a modified Briggs and...
  2. steve-lima

    One more

    I forgot that I also have a Fly baby with contruction book.
  3. steve-lima

    For Sale plans for sale

    i have a few airplane plans for sale. I hope some one might be interested. All are new, never used. They are taking up a lot of room in the garage attic. 1) S.E.5a biplane 2) Acey Duecy 3) Acro Duster Too 4) Falconar 5) Stolp Starduster Too 6) Wag-A-Bond 7) Jungster II 8)...
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