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    60 Years of Popular Mechanics saved from the dump

    Pop Sci Oct '71 edition Aerosport Rail cover-story.... Twin 25hp Pusher motors....looks great! Maybe re-engine with twin Aixro-Wankels or twin Mosquito helicopter engines for STOL and great for single-engine climb-out at MTOW(helicopter engines have to be super reliable, don't they!). Could...
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    Facet Opel

    Facet Opal fitted with twin "over-and-under" AMT Olympus jet-engines like you see here, but buried in the fuse, would be a world-beater!
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    Engines to replace the dominance of Rotax

    Sirocket ultralight had twin model-turbojets.....they'd power Facet Opel, no sweat! Listen to the awesome sound....beats any "IC-recip-explosion engine"..... Take a look here:
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    Engines to replace the dominance of Rotax

    Sport Aviation October 1969 reported Max Dreher built a small turbojet to self-launch his MTOW 585 lbs " Prue 215A Panther" sailplane N-90612. Engine's Static Thrust was 55lbs max, and cruise thrust was 45lbs. Engine weighed 17lbs. Fuel consumption was 1.5lbs/lb. thrust/hr. ROC 80'/min. Fast...
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    Facet Opel

    Check out this quarter-scale model Facet Opel vid..... I figure half-scale would be better with small turbojet for better "fly-past sound".....
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    Engines to replace the dominance of Rotax

    Solo Aircraft Engines produces Certificated, water-cooled 2-strokes. They're twin-cylinder, with belt-reduction. Approx specs: 600cc, 60hp continuous, 6000rpm, 60lbs. That's about 10cc/hp.....which is a pretty good "rule-of-thumb". ArcticCat 800cc twin-cylinder water-cooled 2-stroke...
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    Al Backstrom and inspiration from model aircraft

    Best looking "flying-Plank" ever in fact the best looking plane ever was the Opal Facet.... better even that the BD-5........all the Facet needed was a laminar-flow wing made using Alex Strojnik's S-2 and S-4 simple construction techniques, et voila, a world-beater! HKS 40hp 4-stroke for...
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    I am building a tractor, side by side, engine behind pilot gyroplane.

    Might be of interest....two Tractor Gyros.....anyone got any info on either? Lower gyro "CutiePie" looks real simple/inexpensive to build out of marine-ply, and a VW 1600.
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    check out this lawn mower engine (kohler engine)

    A single Onan 22hp 2-cylinder side-valve generator-engine, as originally used on Burt's Quickie, could be mounted up-front on this Carbon Cri Cri....simple, cheap, available everywhere, easy to work on etc etc. Check out this vid.....
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    Mazda Rotary Engine

    Hey guys.... Check the dyno-sheet above! A turbo'd 13B with light-weight Aluminium-billet CNC'd end-plates can output 150 HP at 3000RPM . This could direct-drive a 72" Carbon-prop. No need for a complex and heavy PSRU. At those low-revs, the engine is loafing...and would last forever...
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    2 stroke alternative ?

    Electric looks like the way to go guys....check out these 3 vids ..... 700 hp electric Beaver amphibian....first flight just a few days ago. Twin-engined electric trike...swooping and soaring.... ditto. A recent Kitplane article showed a homebuilt Strojenic S2 motor-glider...
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    Modern day "motorcycle of the air" aircraft class?

    Your Motorcyle of the Air has to be STOL, right? So look no further....here's real STOL,,,just watch the vid below !!!! More fun that DRACO.....ideal for canyon-surfing, wave-top & beach cruising right on the deck etc.... And has to do loops/rolls/spins/and have ballistic-chute....and be a...
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    Modern day "motorcycle of the air" aircraft class?

    You want EXTREME Fun-Flying... well, check this out! ....you ain't never seen Fun-flying like this before!!!! Here it is guys, ....I found it! .....here's your "Motor Cycle of the Air"... It has a simple, cheap 2-stroke motor....Rotax, Hirth, MZ-202 2-stroke helicopter engine etc, .....or if...
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    Lightweight compact diesel engine , 4 strokes

    NEW Diesel Aircraft Engine from China: 4-cylinder, opposed, Liquid-cooled. 150 HP continuous at 4000RPM. Turbo and intercooler. Integral gear-reduction. 98 kg. dry. 2000hr TBO. Check it out here: http://haerypower.com/en/info.asp?base_id=2&second_id=2002 Looks ideal for a single-seat...
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    Breezy first flight video

    Brilliant build, fantastic vid.....congratulations..... but 10 years is a long build-time.... gotta' shorten the build-time somehow... CartesianTube offers complete tube-kits for the Breezy, with CNC milled fish-mouths that jig-true and are ready for immediate perfect-welding(they'll even...
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    What engine would YOU build

    re: Dream Engine...clean sheet: It's gotta' be a twin-rotor Mazda Rotary (13B?) peripheral-ported with efi with CNC milled lightweight aluminium billet end-plates, spinning at around 5500RPM for 160 HP continuous, DIRECT-DRIVING a 6-bladed ducted-fan.....this would be ultimate in simplicity...
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    My Dream Plane is a sort of Breezy..... Dream Airplane for EXTREME FLYING-EXPERIENCE.... ie: produces: extreme adrenaline-rush, extreme-pleasure, extreme flying-euphoria etc etc. So let's set some parameters first: Must provide spectacular views of Planet…. Ie: safe wave-top surfing, safe...
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    Scott Winton Article

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2wrSa8mCcI watch this vid and imagine the Facet powered by electric or twin-turbines....!!!!
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    Scott Winton Article

    Wow...that's really exciting.... an electric Opal Facet flying-wing record-breaker! Count me in. So where do I send some money????....we have to make this happen! A flying bill-board. Trailerable, and fully aerobatic and breathtakingley futuristic and inspiring! Alternatively, jet...