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  1. D Hillberg

    GTPE 331 turboprop

    junker GTPE 331 good boat anchor - would make a good start for a training aid [ cutaway ] hot section, prop gears/hub, inner gears and oil pumps, gear case, burner can will trade for a T-62 A2 sized turbine compressor module or make offer Pick up @ Oxnard Californiacation
  2. D Hillberg

    Has your land lord asked you this?

    1, To see your airmans certificate? 2, To review your aircraft registration? 3, To review your aircraft Maintenance logs? 4, To require you supply a list of pilot users/renters/partners in your aircraft hangar ? 5, To provide a list of all kit aircraft in your hangar then demanding you register...
  3. D Hillberg

    For Sale FCU for Artouste

    For sale, core FCU for the Artouste engine for the Alouette III or Llama helicopter.
  4. D Hillberg

    Wanted sponsers for helicopter speed record

    I have compiled data and designed a helicopter to break 300+++ mph, Details can be used for a next generation production helicopter. looking for $$$$ , pieces, componets, And the little items that add up ( Rolls Royce 250 c 30 p/s ?) E mail- donhillberg&hotmail.com note: &=@ Call me...
  5. D Hillberg

    Looking for data on Lockheed 286 or X-51

    Need more data to work on special project-To cooberate and add to working data base,any links or down loads are needed -Lockheed 286 or X-51 helicopters,Prints,reports-anything-Thank you.
  6. D Hillberg

    helicopter replaca?

    Could this be a replaca? AH-1
  7. D Hillberg

    What do you think?

    A small helicopter,simi aerobatic, fast and simple to build.( normal) piston/(aerobatic) turbine power, flex beam rotor head, Aluminum-composet honeycomb body, 45 gal fuel,150+hp 550 empty,1000 gross.