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    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    Started my first rib glue up for my Pietenpol project on Wednsday. I'll need to stop by HF to pick up some more small A-clamps to finish gluing the opposite side gussets. I made a few modifications to the jig to lessen the chances of epoxy getting in between the capstrips and tooling (forward...
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    When I used to live in Wichita, I'd go there on a weekly basis. Very cool store and a great place for supplies.
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    Sun n Fun 2020

    I have heard a few rumblings from higher-ups in EAA that AV will likely get axed this year. May just be hearsay at this point, but I wouldn't count on this virus petering out by July. I had planned to go this year, but regardless of whether it's happening or not, I'll wait till '21. I don't...
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    ADS-B and engine driven CDI

    Hey all, I had a question regarding ADS-B out requirements and the ignition system of a myriad of smaller 2-strokes and auto conversions. I understand the requirement is that you must have a mode-S capable transponder with ADS-B reporting if you operate in class C, B, or within the mode C veil...
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    Flying Flea PIREPS

    That's a good point Dana, and finding an exact mission for a homebuilt has been a struggle for me. One of the biggest advantages I saw in the Flea design was the ability to quickly and easily store it at home, though I understand even just towing it to the airport each time could get old. I...
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    Flying Flea PIREPS

    That's the exact video that sparked my interest in the design. I just love the guys "and that's all!" look when he unfolds the wings in 30 seconds. Certainly looks fun to fly, and with this kind of flying, that's the most important thing to get right (that and possibly safety heh).
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    Flying Flea PIREPS

    Thanks very much for the info! I've seen a few videos like Yves's that encouraged me to continue the build, but I had a hard time finding any write-ups en angleis. I'm still a bit torn between the HM293 and a Pietenpol, which I have plans for as well. The 2 seats and 3-axis are nice, but I would...
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    Battery packs - fire danger?

    Personally, I think the best way to avoid a thermal runaway is to choose an appropriate battery chemistry and make sure you have good thermal management and voltage regulation. Tesla's and many other electric car batteries are going to have some sort of magnesium or cobalt oxide cathode...
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    Flying Flea PIREPS

    Hi all, I'm currently looking at building a Flying Flea (HM 293 to be exact), mostly for storeability reasons but also for the "quirkiness" factor. One thing I've been having a bit of a hard time finding are pilot reports on how these planes are to fly, especially with regards to takeoff and...
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    B&S 49-series (810cm3/49ci) for aircraft use - TiPi's Q&A thread

    I may look into a recoil starter. I didn't think about the speed requirements to get one of these started by hand, it may be too fast to be practical. Not sure if I'll use a redrive; I'm trying to avoid it if possible. Looks like a light-weight starter and battery may be the simplest option though.
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    B&S 49-series (810cm3/49ci) for aircraft use - TiPi's Q&A thread

    I'm fairly interested in using this engine on an HM293, actually saw one on Pouguide.org with a redrive so I guess it's been used before. Looking to drop some weight and complexity, do you think this engine could be modified in a way where it could be hand-propped? It looked like the starter was...
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    Brutality Today

    Narfi, this was a great post. I'm fairly new to this forum but I stumbled across this from the daily email bulletin. Just reading through this thread I feel like a lot of the comments come off as overly condescending, even if they may think they're helping to motivate CG. We all have our own...