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  1. rv6ejguy

    SDS EFI at Reno 2019

    Andy Findlay is on the pole in Sport Class this year at 398 mph, which is faster than all but two of the Unlimited qualifiers. I'll be at Reno Saturday and Sunday, wearing an SDS T shirt, hanging out in the pits near the following aircraft mostly: 30,31, 3, 101, 61, 39. I'll have some free SDS...
  2. rv6ejguy

    Ahh, The Good Life

    This channel is a great escape from your daily drudgery. You get to see some beautiful scenery...
  3. rv6ejguy

    Vacuum Stuff for Sale

    All parts have a little over 400 hours on them. Working well when removed. Aero Accessories dry pump AA212CW Vacuum regulator Filter 1" gauge Falcon attitude gyro Sigma Tek DG. TSO'd Make me an offer.
  4. rv6ejguy

    Successful Auto Conversion Trials, Tribulations and Tips

    Thought I'd start this thread for people to contribute their experiences in creating a successful auto engine conversion. Any engine brand.
  5. rv6ejguy

    Subaru EJ22 Powered Zenith 750 Cruzer

    Michael Hille in Australia does a good walk around discussion of his Subaru EJ22 conversion with SDS EFI. The music ends at 1:52 and the meat of the video starts there too.
  6. rv6ejguy

    EFI for Aerobatics

    We were happy to supply Kyle Fowler with EFI/EI for his Long-EZ recently. Here he is at AirVenture 2019 performing his routine. He's really loving it. Used to have terrible hot start issues which are gone now. He's performing at several more airshows in the US this summer before heading home...
  7. rv6ejguy

    Cool New Canard Designs

    You can see one of the other projects Jeff Kerlo is working on here. Pretty neat stuff.
  8. rv6ejguy

    Aeromomentum RV-12

  9. rv6ejguy

    SDS at Oshkosh 2019

    For those of you going to Oshkosh and are interested in SDS products, here is where you can see and find out more about them: EM-5 EFI/EI: Aviation West LLC booth #638/639- Ray Watson with his Murphy Moose Go-EZ Aerobatics- Kyle Fowler. He'll be performing on Tuesday and Sunday as well as...
  10. rv6ejguy

    Achtung Schpitfuren!!!

    I thought I'd post photos of my friend's Spitfire replica here. These are from a few years back, now repainted, engine rebuild and new PSRU. Power comes from a 215 Buick V8.
  11. rv6ejguy

    War Thunder WW2 Movie Parody

    A few good laughs in this one: Plus it has a Whirlwind which is one of my favs...
  12. rv6ejguy

    New SDS EFI Parts for Rotax 912s

    We've just completed machining some parts for our new Rotax EFI kits. Hope to start test fitting these to an engine next month.
  13. rv6ejguy

    Interesting Electric Pipistrel

  14. rv6ejguy

    French Navy Vid

    This has some lovely and surreal footage:
  15. rv6ejguy

    Questair Venture Video

    This is a very nicely shot and edited video:
  16. rv6ejguy

    EFI VW Sonex

    Peter van Schalkwyk's Sonex won Best Auto Conversion at SNF with SDS EFI: https://www.sonexaircraft.com/pete-wayne-snf-adventure/ Peter is a long time VW/SDS EFI user. He previously had a Waiex which first flew in 2010 using our EFI. He's presently experimenting with different intake manifold...
  17. rv6ejguy

    RV-10 Runs on SDS EFI

    Here's a video of first engine starts on Les Kearney's new RV-10 with SDS EFI fitted:
  18. rv6ejguy

    LS-3 Powered Velocity

    One of our customers built this plane and just got it running recently: We'll be following this more in the future.
  19. rv6ejguy

    Fun Flying

    I'm a big fan of Trent Palmer's YT channel. He does the kind of flying I never get to do with my RV. He's got great production quality and always some interesting journeys: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcjHydDvgkU
  20. rv6ejguy

    Sling Aircraft

    Anyone building a Sling kit on HBA? Kit impressions? How are thye plans and customer support?