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  1. dino

    Wing Fold/Hanger Space

    Sherwood Ranger. Quick, easy and fits in a shipping container.
  2. dino

    Icon A5 Update - No Deliveries!?!

    Others will see what works. Nothing speaks better than some flying examples. Cut here, reverse engineer there, assimilate, emulate and voila an affordable knock-off that will recycle the knowledge that was dearly paid for. They are sunk costs that will never be recovered by the investors but...
  3. dino

    One blade Prop ?

    With a delta hinge you get automatic variable pitch
  4. dino

    Rotax 582 Alternative Possibility

    Those who have experimented with the 2 cylinder Yamaha Phazer have found the power curve so steep that powering a prop through the midrange is a problem. Efforts continue.
  5. dino

    Rotax 582 Alternative Possibility

    The Yamaha 4 cylinder engines are much more powerful and heavier than the 582. The 2 cylinder 80hp Yamaha Phazer engine is what many think could make a good 582 replacement.
  6. dino

    Exhaust Guide Cleaning

    Seafom has worked well for me. Try a Megadose initially by direct intake injection,
  7. dino

    Foam ribs with plywood capstrips?

    yes very correct. gender inequality
  8. dino

    Foam ribs with plywood capstrips?

    MC30 Luciole, strip ply on PVC foam rib from the master of lightness Michelle Colomban
  9. dino

    Rotax 582 Alternative Possibility

    LSA LSA-Engines LSA850 - Wikipedia and Helipromotion Swiss had a go with the Weber 850 several years ago but their links are dead I'm following the Gaokin V twins used in ATVs and the Yamaha Phantom snowmobile engine as likely candidates but they will be in my opinion at least 15 lbs heavier...
  10. dino

    Fiberglass Tank - How to rig and seal penetrations?

    The Loctite gasket maker Aircraft Spruce lists is Loctite Ns 5109 LOCTITE NS 5109 I have used Reinzosil with success on the fill cap and fuel evel sender flanges on my grp sandwich tanks. For those who may want an alternative...
  11. dino

    Turbo 4cyl build thoughts

    Skytrax psru on a yamaha RX1 or Apex sled engine
  12. dino

    Kiel Tube

    The drawing is from the BJ 1 Duster. In the wooden gliders this is what I remember too. I've seen many of the composite sailplanes with the ASI pick up recessed deeper in the tube but I don't recall specifics
  13. dino

    Kiel Tube

    I'm making a Kiel Tube pitot source to be built into the fairing on the nose of a gyroplane. So far I've got a 32mm ID X 75mm grp tube sealed flush on the inside end and open to the free stream on the other. My question is what is the best way to position the (6mm OD X 4mm ID copper tube) ASI...
  14. dino

    Ace Aviation Redrive: New model

    On their site, the GK 1000 engine is shown as having the transmission as part of the engine block. On the ATVs the CVT is usually seperate. Just trying to get an idea on weight of engine without transmission.
  15. dino

    Ace Aviation Redrive: New model

    Any ideas on how to get a GK engine?
  16. dino

    Has anyone be thinking of designing a more modern, light weight powered sailplane ?

    Efficient cruising and soaring capability better than almost all touring motorgliders.
  17. dino

    All-moving tail surfaces on pivoting, tubular spars

    Peterson J-4 Javelin sailplane had identical horizontal and vertical tail surfaces
  18. dino

    Exhaust material

    Maybe 900 C to be safe and 100 C less for 2 stroke
  19. dino

    Anyone deviate with their engine choice?

    Read the Gates manuals on designing belt drives. There are more parameters than hp.
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