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    Cool New Canard Designs

    Looks like they've got a pretty decent test pilot too. MWD
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    Electric power for dummys......

    This is the motor I'm using: Astro Flight 4535 MWD
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    New aerial banner tow vehicle

    KPRC (1986): Flies superglued to ultra-small paper airplanes. Really cool...!
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    Wanted Wanted cassutt racer plans

    Call Creighton - He's a good guy.
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    Long story short - Duane didn't fly aerobatics in any Capella aircraft. He was actually very upset when they built one of their airplanes with Duane's inverted name on it.
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    Rag and Tube: Scary Design

    Yeah - So I'm not as intelligent as you are. One up one you...
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    Rag and Tube: Scary Design

    Looks like a Heath Parasol. Mark
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    N1819U - KSUX
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    Cute, whatever it is

    Looks like a photo of one of the SNCASO Deauvilles. I think they only built two of them.
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    Budget built MiniMax 1100 Ultralight

    2-Stroke: Rotax still manufactures the 582 UL, but definitely not for this aircraft!
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    Verner S9 vs Rotec R-3600

    Steve looks great (and I miss Samson!).
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    Breaking News, Boeing 777 Major Design Flaw Exposed

    Not that this has anything at all to do with "wizzo" time, but Coonts is CMEL/SES. MWD
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    Semi-on topic (concerning vortex ring recovery):
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    What Kind of Country Have We Become...

    I ride a CA2 - Love the high racer! Love longer distances (century+) too.
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    Home built parts value

    Smart man.
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    you can always go around

    Was lined up on 26 - short final. Ended up airborne for another half hour or so. Safer in the air than trying to get her tied down.
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    you can always go around

    I shot a "missed" @ KBDU in the mid-80's. Gust front didn't give me much choice.
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    Which Scale P-51?

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    2017 Going out with a bang.....Flat Turns

    South of Antelope Island (Great Salt Lake), headed to Idaho for lottery tickets. Had a lot of fun in that area.
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    Experimental Motorglider built from donor glider wings?

    A few Pitts S-1E kits were certified as S-1S's - but that was many moons ago...
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