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    style of Glass Fabrics

    Hi Guys, I have one questions...I know that there are many type of glass fabrics like S2-Glass E-Glass etc... that are the most used for airplane costruction. I have found (by RUTAN) the following E-Glass: E-Glass style 7715 UNIDIRECTIONAL E-Glass style 7725 BIDIRECTIONAL My question is what are...
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    Choose EPOXY

    Hi Guys, I am looking for an epoxy to use for fusolage and wing skin, I have see AEROPOXY SYSTEM or WEST SYSTEM (105 resin and 205 or 206 Hardner). Wich between these two epoxy recommend me to use? thanks
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    rust or oxidation on welded 4130 fusolage

    Hi Guys, I have found a 4130 welded fusolage of an unfinished airplane form 1998. they say that the fusolage is in perfect condition, no twist but with rust in surface.....because the it was never finished! Now I have some doubt if proceed with the purchase...and another problem is that I stay...
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    Start with composities

    Hi guys, I am pretty new to this forum and I have need of your help...I want realize a little composite airplane, that can also help me to manage composities. Do you know some kit or type of airplane or drawing? Thanks Albert
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    Design and sizing of composities wing and fusolage

    Dear Friends, My name is Alberto, I'm new of this wonderful site..... I have need your help because I want understand better how I can sizing a composite wing from size of the main spar or box spar to what are the common materials that I can use like foam, prepeg or fiber and their...
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