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    Modern Aircooled 4-Cylinder Aircraft Engine Using Contemporary Engine Technology

    Ahoy, Homebuilts', This, a few minutes ago. Jack Kane EPI, THE designer, is a long-time col-liege: 'Did you notice that endurance testing of the PRODUCTION VERSION started in early January....' JK Enjoy /s/ Bob
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    Making an "obsolete" fighter into an unlimited racer !

    2020-Feb 4th Ahoy, HomeBuiltAirplanes, Dark-of-the-night thoughts :::: Reno Racers: Very high level development, but innovation ???? Sheeessh !!! And youse-guys want to build just another almost-the-same ‘critter’ as everyone else is flying ???? !!!! It comes to my mind that the...
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    OV-10 Bronco Replica- Redux

    Ahoy, you Replica OV-10 Builders, More than FIFTY years ago, I was the Attack Branch Head at the Naval Air Test Center, Patuxent River MD. The original OV-10 showed up for NPE -- Navy Preliminary Evaluation --. My first observation was: You ain’t going to sneak-up on a Viet-Cong with...
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    Torsional Vibration and Resonance - Basic Theory and Issues

    Ahoy, GE, I suggest that you go to: The web site of Jack Kane, who is THE foremost PSRU designer/builder existent. Digest his 'advanced-degree-material' and then continue. Enjoy /s/ Bob Belter EAA 8444
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    Third homebuilt, Fleet model 7

    Ahoy, Sonny, Nice looking PSRU, but I see no sign of a guibo to afford torsional 'softness'. I suggest that you go to, and see all about the subject by Jack Kane, THE foremost PSRU designer of-all. Enjoy /s/ Bob
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    Bob Belter -- New member (but NOT new) EAA #8444

    I am a retired U.S. Navy Tail hook Aviator. Still designing, but only to 'one significant figure'. Not flying or building.
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    Ahoy, Admin, I have tried to paste a file, (a .dwg which I had copied) and am unable to do such...

    Ahoy, Admin, I have tried to paste a file, (a .dwg which I had copied) and am unable to do such ?????? The below info pasted OK Now what? Thanks /s/ Bob Robert H. Belter Captain US Navy (Ret) 4105 Canada ct. Carmel CA 93923 Ph 831 250 5095 Email EAA # 8444 EAA...
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    Move along - nothing to see here

    6-16-19 Ahoy, Airplane 05, To introduce myself, I’m a (seriously old) TailHook Naval Aviator, and Aero engineer: The suggested tandem engine configuration discussed is a very good idea. Asymmetric thrust is ALWAYS a nasty thing in any airplane, and you really ought to try it in a swept wing...
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    Continuous flaps running under fuselage?

    Ahoy, All (again), Sorry 'bout that. My CLmax was with the split flaps being NOT under the (flat bottom) fuselage, but out on the wing, and ending about ten inches (full scale) outboard of the side of the fuselage. The flap under the fuselage really raised the drag, but dropped the CLmax a...
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    Continuous flaps running under fuselage?

    Ahoy, All, Years ago, I was designing a quite conventional side by side low wing airplane -w a 160hp Lycoming . AND -- I had access to a excellent ~~ 3' x 4' wind tunnel. The wing fuselage intersection of my design, at the trailing edge was a flat fuselage -w- vertical sides - smooth...
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