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    Let's design together!

    Are willing to place all your hard work in the public domain?
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    Archaeopteryx airfoil

    Sorry, my idea of god is, the bible being a fairytale to keep families entertained. To me, the fact that DNA code reads like an advanced computer program and we are constantly trying to better nature gives me my version of god. A mastermind we have no fathom of his knowledge, he has no wise...
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    Cheater ducts.

    Didn't end up doing that, cnc conversion is getting my complete focus now.
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    Archaeopteryx airfoil

    The archaeopteryx keyword caught my eye, it's fascinating how birds evolved from microraptors, dinosaurs jumping of the edge of tree trunks and using gliding to reach its prey. Fast forward evolution some 5 million years and you get the creatures that inspired human flight. God is a very patient...
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    Can we learn something from a bird wing ?

    Perfect! I was taking photos of ravens and silver gulls, simplifying the sillhouettes in cad. The idea was a rudderless rc plane with anhedral / dihedral combination wing with vortex generating deltas on each leading edge with a swept back tip. Really just to get a 'feel' for their flight...
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    2 years later, anybody done a vectoring prop yet?
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    Lifting body discussion

    Thats a sweet looking landing gear, the blended wing fuselage looks the part also.
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    Rotec Panther help with tail Parts!

    The only Rotec I know of builds radial motors sized for WW1 replicas and small experimentals. He is in Melbourne Australia, doing good business with many happy customers. I dont think he dates back to 1988 making kitplanes though. If you remodel your tailplane, its got pass a sand bag test. I...
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    Acey Deucy Plans are available!

    Nice find, although, shoulda relayed it via pmail, the poor old lady will get overwhelmed with requests.
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    Engine cases

    These guys in france are carving their own blocks from billet to overcome design flaws of all the other aftermarket blocks
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    Cheater ducts.

    I have a couple of 70mm brushless fan coming from china in a few weeks, i might hook up a cheater hole to an half open passenger window on my car and take some measurements. Not sure how to qualify my test results, maybe a few other guys could chime in or have a shot at a simple test? I would...
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    Cheater ducts.

    The placement of the hole seems very important, I found some early concept pictures of Irans new F313 and the final design. You can see the cheater hole on the early draft at the upper mid fuselage, on final design they have moved them forward to the strakes edge, turning them into a normal...
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    Cheater ducts.

    Hi deskpilot, i have seen them on drawing for the concord intake modifications after an engine surge blew the duct open. But in the case of the rc guys, it is all about feeding the fan. I really should have titled the thread 'cheater holes', google brings up matches for both terms. But...
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    Cheater ducts.

    Hello, I see an increasing number RC folks using cheater ducts. How much performance is lost by not having a 'ram air' effect with the fan duct?
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    revoutionary new design --only

    I like the HL10, but dynamic soaring is not realistic.
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