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  1. Vipor_GG

    Well, decided to ask the collective intelligence here... Thunderbird ultralight?

    A nose wheel LSA legal Thunderbird two seater was at the top of my list when I was hoping to begin flying. Life happens and my wife and I ended up raising grandchildren.
  2. Vipor_GG

    Ebay Today
  3. Vipor_GG

    Yesterday was the best day in a long time!

    From a major high to an all time low! Last night (5/6/17) at 11:45 PM I held my Dad's arm as he took his last breath. After making the arrangements I realized that we will be laying him to rest on my birthday. From now on my birthday will remind me of the greatest man I've ever known.
  4. Vipor_GG

    Smartphone/Tablet Software

    Has anyone tried asdTools?
  5. Vipor_GG

    Anyone near Charleston, SC? Looking for places to fly

    Georgetown may also be an option. There is ultralight training there so it should be friendly toward them.
  6. Vipor_GG

    Yesterday was the best day in a long time!

    We're going to the Dominican Republic with our church and another church to build a house for a family in need. Our church goes every year, but this will be the first for my granddaughter and myself.
  7. Vipor_GG

    Yesterday was the best day in a long time!

    I haven't been around in a while. Life has been all over me like a mad grizzly for the past couple years. Dad in really bad health and been raising grandchildren for a couple years. Everyone has had days where you can't get anything right, but yesterday was one of those rare days where nothing...
  8. Vipor_GG

    Best Beginner Ultralight?

    You can find some deals on engines here from time to time.
  9. Vipor_GG

    Best Beginner Ultralight?

    If you don't mind plans built there some RagWings that are ULs.
  10. Vipor_GG

    Best Beginner Ultralight?

    If you are looking for a new kit the Dream Classic is about the cheapest I can think of that looks like an "actual airplane". Next would be something from FFP. Some of the FFP ULs do have closed cabins. I don't know any with a closed cabin that can meet the weight requirement with a half VW.
  11. Vipor_GG

    Hello! I'm new to HBA!

    Looks like you're looking for a self-launching hang glider. Personally I would use an existing hang glider and concentrate on the power unit. Research the early days of powered hang gliders and see how much power they required and go from there. Then figure how much run time you are going to...
  12. Vipor_GG

    Hello! I'm new to HBA!

    2X1000 watt motor is really not much power. It looks to me like you may be putting the cart before the horse. Do you have the weight, lift, and drag of the plane you intend to power? One HP equals roughly 746 watts, so your engines combined would be less than three horsepower.
  13. Vipor_GG

    Searching for the Right (first) airplane project

    A useful load that high is going to be hard.
  14. Vipor_GG

    motorcycle engine ??s

    Hog-Air became Sky Ray after Harley said they couldn't use "Hog". Don't know if they are doing anything now, but the website doesn't look like it's had any change in a long time.
  15. Vipor_GG

    Who says Primary gliders "aren't any fun"?

    Looks fun to me! At this point that may be my only option to get in the air for the next 14-15 years.
  16. Vipor_GG

    Wanted Fisher Super Koala

    There is one on Barnstormers.
  17. Vipor_GG


    This crash hit really close to home for me. Not only do I live within a few miles of that airport, we have been doing a lot of work there. I think I have seen that plane take off and land several times. He was also co-founder of the realty company that handled the sale when we bought our house.
  18. Vipor_GG


    He was so close to the airport.
  19. Vipor_GG


    Actually he reported mechanical problems and was trying to make it back to the airport.
  20. Vipor_GG


    Plane crash pilot/sole occupant found dead. No clue what caused the crash, but he didn't make it more than a few miles from the airport. Plane crash.
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