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    Arduino altimeter & airspeed indicator

    You need to monitor your bus with independent device (storage osciloscope, logic analizer, RPI with proper interface and SW).... can be short cut on the bus too.
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    Arduino altimeter & airspeed indicator

    CAN bus with some buffering can be the right way to integrate... after all big players in automotive and aviation are using CANbus.
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    What do you think about "e-soaring"?

    @John Roo Martin, are you reading LinkedIn PM ?
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    What do you think about "e-soaring"?

    3 phases 400 V / 32-50 A => For Sinj - not sure but can ask, on Brac available, may be better place for trailer too - 1 h ferry ride Split - Supetar on Hvar not on the airport but available near, on the end of the field.
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    What do you think about "e-soaring"?

    Thank you Martin, for prompt reply. In case you like to test on Adriatic we may be able to provide some local assistance. Airports are LDSH for hot on the sea level 92 ft and LDSB 1781 ft for hot and high. Regards...
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    What do you think about "e-soaring"?

    One question for Martin @John Roo How about hot summer use on Adriatic, our island airport can reach easy near 40 C in shade? Can that battery pack and E-ngine sustain that extra heat, or flying is possible only in the morning and before the sunset? Regards Djani
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    UL SAILPLANE - Footlaunchable, foldable

    How about Pipistrel, they may find your knowledge useful....
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    Mike Sandlin Goat4 - free extra 3D views for builders

    Mike is present on Yahoo group too: Yahoo Groups
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    Can you ID this plane?

    Type known under other names too: Kohl Mythos - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Cub look alike part 103

    Nice to hear that Erkki... What is future of BAP? Sale in kit, drawings or ready to fly planes? HKS engine or something with Czech origins? Regards 9A+
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    interesting tool=Eckold Kraftformer

    Amazing simple, so nice results.... right way for old fashion aviation curves reproduction.
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    Cub look alike part 103

    "Paris" reminds me lot on texasparasol texasparasol : Texas Parasol
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    Paul Weston Sea-Era

    Crash again ?! Man crashes experimental airplane into lake, again | Q13 FOX News
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    UL SAILPLANE - Footlaunchable, foldable

    @Mitja Well, when you reach top 3 points, pls PM me... There is always some feasible solution possible. Keep up nice work, thumb up
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    Norms flying Boat

    Nice design Norm, congrats....
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    Interest in a plansbuilt, LSA/microlight amphibian?

    How about LN-3 Seagull ? | Home of LN-3 Seagull |
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    Thatcher CX5: What are you hoping for?

    Me in hope like you to see CX5 proto flying.... Than to see that fuel in bladder tank down there ;-)
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    GTD-350 Turbo Shaft/Turboprop Engine

    PZL Reszow in Poland was before nice source of brand new upgraded engines. After take over no more, and 350 line is scraped. Seconf hand engine can be purchased cheap in Poland, even some local shops can do MOH, but papers are another story.
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    Composites and moisture/water contamination

    Ask Max :) Publications - Max Davis - Adhesion Associates
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