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    small craft for oversize pilots like me ;-)

    Difficult but very interesting question! On the Zipper Chris Heintz used "normal" ailerons attached on the Princeton-sailwing Here...
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    Ultralight struts/cantilever/additional weight

    Your question is not silly at all; the French APEV used ladders on her Pouchel: Here you will find the reason, why they were obliged to change: "..... Due of the success of the Pouchel (over 120 plans sets sold to members of the...
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    Princeton Sailwing

    Just study figure 8 (p.e. difference between 40 and 70 lb) on page 18 in the NASA technical note D-5047 ...... ..... and then make up your own mind about the "high" of the pitching moments ;)
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    Flying Fleas are more than just 2 axis. No problems with crosswinds!

    Or the 2L12 of Léon Lacroix (see last page here: )
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