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    Wing Fabric type of installation

    Hi all...I am restoring an old Flight Mirage Ultralight and need to replace all the fabric (sails?) Two issues...One is I'm assuming the original fabric is Dacron??? The original is two colors and I can' seem to find anything but white. Second...the fabric is not glued in place, the frame...
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    Kawasaki 440A air cooled engine

    Does anyone know a source for a gasket set for the Kawasaki 440 air cooled engine? My searches just bring up the motorcycle engine
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    Hi all, new to the site

    Does anyone know a good source for gaskets for a Kawasaki 440A air cooled engine? My searches keep giving me motorcycle sites for the Kawasaki 440 LTD motorcycle engine
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    Hi all, new to the site

    Restoring a 35 year old Mirage Ultralight. Aircraft is complete and running but needs a full restoration. I have just gotten started. HELP !!!!
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