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  1. etard

    Portable CNC - Leaving the workbench behind

    Has anybody designed a CNC router that would clamp onto a standard 4' x 8' sheet of plywood? I'm picturing 2 long 8' pieces with some sort of corner holding mechanism and a bridge connecting the long sides, like a gantry. You could break the whole thing down into maybe the size of an ez up...
  2. etard

    Needed to learn some skills so built this.

    It's a planned workshop demolition, stick with me here... You build it too big to go through the door way (woopsy) Well, the only logical solution is to knock out a wall to get it out. And while your kncocking out a wall, might as well expand the workshop a little so that this sort of thing...
  3. etard

    Electric Belite!

    Haha, I thought I would find you over here. Great group of guys on here, very similar to ES.
  4. etard


    This design might be the perfect airframe for electric hybrid power system. Electric motor in tail boom with a nice big slow moving prop, batteries behind pilot, and a Honda GX200 motor which guys are getting 15 hp out of at 60#'s which could yield decent range. The tail would need beefing...
  5. etard

    USA Trip - Advice needed!

    If you have any interest in tinkering and craftsmanship and such I highly recommend the Craftsmanship museum: The Internet Craftsmanship Museum check the hours to be sure it is open, it will be on your way from LA to San Diego. There is also a train that runs along the coast between the two...
  6. etard

    Wingboarding ......

    Kudos to him. One may not see the problem being solved or agree with the solution, but he has a dream and the tenacity to realize it.
  7. etard

    For Sale 1991 Beaver RX550

    Well, there is two seats... I've got a lobster and a cat riding on a beaver. The question is which is the pilot?:gig:
  8. etard


    Sweet little plane. Is that a radial triple? Anybody know what kind of motor that is?
  9. etard

    Door to Door Transportation Redux

    I would love to see the PAL-V team up with Lit Motors to make a 2-wheeled self-righting vehicle as seen in this video:
  10. etard

    Modern day "motorcycle of the air" aircraft class?

    Hmmmm, I hope the silence on this thread means everybody is busy polishing their designs. I saw the Quicksilver Plane featured in a composite aircraft techniques book, immediately I thought it could be a candidate. Looks like you could just cut a hole in the floor and dangle your...
  11. etard

    A 5 cent cigar

    I'm sure somebody will pop in and post an example of a kit plane already offered very similar to what you are describing. I have to wonder if the draught of my generation from airports has something to do with the attitudes of the old generation. It's just easier and safer to buy a motorcycle...
  12. etard

    Welding wood with friction ???

    Wow that's interesting. I wonder how this would work at joints with different grain orientations though.
  13. etard

    HBA demeanor

    Seven pages into it, I'm sure this thread has been given ample "airtime" for most any opinion or concerns to be aired, but I feel my initial experience with HBA can shed some new light. "Hi, my name's Dave and I'm a dreamer" I came in hot on the tail of many of the flying car threads, and...
  14. etard

    Modern day "motorcycle of the air" aircraft class?

    Excited to see where this thread goes... Having enjoyed a few years commuting on top of a Triumph 955 naked/streetfighter in cold-hot-dry-wet conditions around LA I think this airplane would check every box for the kind of flying I would enjoy. Excuse my ignorance, I am not a pilot so my...
  15. etard

    Wood Velomobile Build

    It looks as though he has completed his Velomobile, or at least it can be pedalled around. What do you guys think? Will it fly?;) Velo182.jpg Photo by tahustvedt | Photobucket
  16. etard

    Rutan Ski-gull

    Could the struts be there because he is getting old and needed something to hold on to while entering/exiting the airplane? My grandma was always looking for a handhold while getting out of any vehicle... :gig: Is it possible the strut could be transferring load either from or to the wing...
  17. etard

    Jet Black Aircraft - JB441 Single Place Aluminum sport plane

    It's a good looking plane, IMHO. If you can get that thing under FAR103 weight, it would be awesome to do a racing series based on planes this size and weight.
  18. etard

    Wood Velomobile Build

    This may be a little out of bounds for this forum, but there might also be some guys here interested in such things. I saw this Velomobile build on another forum and thought the wood and stick guys might get a kick out of seeing the Velomobile come together. Heck you might be able to chime in...
  19. etard

    A Nice Little Surprise...

    I know, I know, "If you have to ask, you can't afford it" But how much does the Pratt & Whitney PT6A-135A cost new?
  20. etard

    21st century Volksplane?

    I agree the foam can have voids and air bubbles, as well as having bonding issues on the skin of a previous layer. I don't agree that the design of said airplane is completely void of any composite construction. 3D printing could lead to interesting possibilities for cheap molds, hell, they...
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