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  1. John Newton

    Rolls Royce Gem engine information required

    Hello all, I have some Post Graduate students I am currently working with that are involved in a project involving the use of a GEM engine, I was wondering if any of you have any experience of these engines, they are struggling to get any information/data on them, the engine in question has...
  2. John Newton

    Bell Shaped Lift Distribution - best compromise to achive it.

    A question for the group, I have been looking into how best to achieve a bell shaped lift distribution for my latest R/C model. As I understand it the Horten borthers achieved a BSLD by a combination of Geometric twist (washout), Aerodynamic twist (Reflexed airfoil at the the wing root...
  3. John Newton

    Prevention of tip stall on a swept flying wing using partial drooped leading edge

    Hi all, I have recently been looking into the design of swept flying wings and have built an R/C testbed model to test out my ideas. It flies well enough but is prone to tip stalling. I am retrofitting it with a NASA style drooped leading edge over the outer 1/3rd of the semispan in a bid to...
  4. John Newton

    The effect of sweepback on adverse yaw on flying wings

    I have been thinking about adverse yaw as this seems to be the number one problem in the adequate control of swept flying wings. The key to a successful flying wing design (without fins) seems to me to design a simple means of negating the adverse yaw for all normal flight regimes. Does anyone...
  5. John Newton

    Approximate Neutral Point location based upon C-Point

    I have been toying with the idea of trying to create a formula that will give a good approximation for the neutral point of a linearly tapered and swept wing allowing for sweep effects. I have based it on the C-point calculation used by Dr. Panknin, the Hortens, K. Nickel etc. (this assumes...
  6. John Newton

    Dynamic and Static Yaw stability of a swept flying wing with winglets

    All, I have just read through John Roncz's excellent article on designing homebuilt aircraft featured in the February/March 1990 edition of Sport Aviation. He mentions tail volume as being important to static stability and damping power as being important to yaw damping and therefore dynamic...
  7. John Newton

    flying wing (tailess) aircraft model neutral point and centre of gravity location

    Hello, I am new to this forum so bare with me. I am currently designing a flying wing electric powered R/C model glider. This is a follow on from my first attempt at a tailless model (with no vertical surfaces) which I am currently flying. (see picture) I have been trying to get an accurate...
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