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    Airgizmos Ipad Mini panel mount

    I have a like new (never used) Panel dock made by AirGizmos. It fits the Ipad Mini 1-3 (?). It is not the one for the newer Mini 5. Don't need. $75.00 I can email/text pictures if you send me an email or number.
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    How many Subaru engined planes are flying here

    Just a basic question. How many people posting here are flying behind (or in front of) a Subaru? I am building a Murphy Rebel and have a "spare" Rebel that I purchased that has a Formula Power Subaru engine. I was looking at purchasing this engine at the time I found this plane. The engine at...
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    Hello from the new guy

    Hello everyone! I have been scouring this site for quite a while but just registered. I am currently building a Murphy Rebel. But the truth is I haven't been able to work on it for quite sometime due to my wife in the Army and my kit is in MN and I am in VA. I have a 172A that I have owned for...
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