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    Engineering question - Heat and 6061 T-6

    I have a set of wings based on a tubular aluminum spar....old Avid wings. The issue is that a propane torch was used by the previous owner to un-glue a gusset near the spar attach fitting. I didn't think of it until after the purchase was made. After some thought and research about the situation...
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    For Sale Rotax 503 SCDI for sale

    I baught this engine from Rotax Rick with less than 100 Hrs , 0 SMOH now , never taken off crate from receiving it after rebuild. Kept it inside my home and was turned every week. Has "C" gearbox with 3.00 gearset. Delivered with new Ducati set up, wires , boots, pistons, bearings and seals -...
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