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    Patenting a design

    How do you decide whether or not an airplane design should be patented?
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    Wing strut compressive load test.

    This backhoe trailer was used to test several wing truss and tail boom mock-up components. It was also used as an anvil to hammer out wing trailing edges. It's a handy work bench. The wing strut mock-up is attached, at one end, to the top of the A-frame. The other end is attached to the wing...
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    Wing weight

    What percentage of an airplane's weight should the wings typically be?
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    Contra rotating propellers

    Does anyone know where I can find a contra rotating propeller mechanism? This is a setup that has two propellers on the same axis. One drive shaft is inside the main pipe. The other drive shaft is outside the main pipe. The drive shafts are coaxial and each has its own pulley and propeller. Each...
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    Tail boom strength

    Can someone tell me how strong a tail boom for a 1000-pound airplane needs to be? The aerodynamic center is defined as the point at which the pitching moments are constant. According to that definition, the tail would push down on the back of the airplane the same amount of force at a 1-G...
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    Suzuki 1.0-liter ignition

    I put an HEI module on a 1.0-liter Suzuki engine. It senses a signal from the distributor pick-up (the camshaft position sensor), and triggers the primary side of the ignition coil. It runs but doesn't run good at high rpm unless I remove the bolts from the distributor cap and turn the cap...
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