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    Battery Temp monitor

    I have installed a Lithium Iron battery that is very light weight but my concern is that it is mounted in the wing and from what I have heard is that these batteries sometimes overheat. It would be nice to know if the battery is overheating before my wing comes off ? I have no generator or...
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    Battery temp monitor

    Does anyone know of an inexpensive battery temperature indicator that can be purchased? I have an wood wing aircraft with a battery compartment in the wing. The battery is a light weight lithium iron battery that I would like some way to know if the battery is hot before my wing comes off. I...
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    Fuel valve extension and U Joint

    I have been trying to find a universal joint and extension rod for a simple weatherhead mechanical fuel valve. So far what I have ordered turned out to be a heavy 3/4inch universal joint. The fuel valve shaft is looks to be 1/4 inch and easy to turn but can't be reached from the pilot seat...
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    Right angle nutplate

    I have been searching for a supplier of a right angle nut plate and have not been able to find a retail supplier? I need 7 of something like a MF6001-08 which has a floating self lock nut plate - 8/32 threads. Apparently these are not popular anymore as Aircraft Spruce discontinued them. I can...
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    windshield fabrication

    I am rebuilding an antique experimental plane and the original windshield is missing so I need to fabricate a new one. I tried Lexan and used a heat gun to bend the material and now the vision through it is distorted. Any ideas as to what material to use and how to bend it without distorting the...
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    Classic Homebuilt flight test manual ?

    I have been in touch with a DAR regarding renewing the airworthiness certificate on my Experimental aircraft and the DAR tells me that I will have to make up a flight test manual as if this is a "new" aircraft. This aircraft was issued an airworthiness certificate back in 1957 and the aircraft...
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    Drone operations

    Has anyone noticed the emphasis that the FAA (or other govt agencies) is giving to approving operation of drones in US Airspace? I for one am concerned that drone operation will cause accidents and midair collisions are most often fatal. I had occasion to encounter a drone aircraft along my...
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    Bungee cord tool

    I bought a bungee cord tool from Aircraft Spruce and the sticker on the tool shows Wag Aero ? There were no instructions with the tool and I don't really want to experiment with the tool ? I have 2 new bungees to install on my Flut R Bug and don't have a clue as to how to put the cord on ? I...
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    Covering N numbers on fabric plane

    I have an older experimental plane that has LARGE n numbers (painted in black) on the wings and fuselage and small N numbers painted on the tail as well. The plane is now light yellow color with some blue trim. I have a new N Number that I must use now so the old numbers have to be removed or...
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    Fuel tank construction material

    I have an older experimental plane that has a Galvanized steel fuel tank. I would like to replace it with some other material that would be able to handle auto fuel or 100 oct fuel? Would aluminum work OK? The shape of the tank is not complicated but the space in the forward fuselage is a...
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    expired airworthiness certificate

    I have an experimental plane amateur built plane that the airworthiness certificate expired on several years ago. The plane has been flying in years past and had an N number - all test flights were done etc. I have contacted the local FAA office and they are "Studying" the situation is all the...
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    Aero Carb on C 90 engine

    I am considering replacing the Stromberg carb on my C-90-8 TCM engine (experimental plane) with an aero carb (Sonex aero injector?) Does anyone have experience with that ? Is it an improvement over the standard carb? Reliable? What would be the necessary fuel supply line diameter? Any comments...
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