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  1. robertl

    Shavrov SH-2

    Ok, what is this cute little all aluminum airplane in the pictrue? Bob
  2. robertl

    Quality ANC hearing protection for $40 or or Compound ANC for $400

    Ok, I'm not sure what this thread is all about but I'm interested. Are y'all talking about using ear buds inside your David Clark, or other, headsets for noise reduction? If so, how are they plugged in ? I have a D/C set, H10-13s, I don't know if they are noise reduction or not, don't see...
  3. robertl

    Corvair gut check

    The camera man needs a gimble.
  4. robertl

    Who would?

    I've never seen a real mechanic with clean anything, shirt, pants, hands, face, it goes with the job. Bob
  5. robertl

    Jabiru 2200 for a Baby Ace?

    What did Dick Stark and the Dawn Patrol use for their Neuports Bob
  6. robertl

    Jabiru 2200 for a Baby Ace?

    I have that info somewhere and when I find it, I'll make a copy. I also saw a Zenith CH-701 powered by one and the guy said it's compariable to the Rotax 912. Bob
  7. robertl

    Corvair gut check

    William Wynne also has, Corvair College, you can learn everything you need to know . I think his web site is, FlyCorvair. Bob
  8. robertl

    Is it time Yamaha got its own section in the conversion dept....

    Up load a random stock photo from the web. Bob
  9. robertl

    What Did You Do To Save General Aviation Today?

    Especially in a tailwheel !
  10. robertl

    What Did You Do To Save General Aviation Today?

    I flew an hour in a C-150 today, that's my contribution. Bob
  11. robertl

    Fly for under 20k!

    Is there an actual way to do a quick search, I live in South Carolina and I have to click each city to see if there are any airplanes for sale at all. Usually there are a couple but mostly it's other stuff, a lot not even aviation related. I've been looking for a Cessna 150 within an acceptable...
  12. robertl

    The forums you follow

    If you're interested in the MiniMax line of aircraft, the East Tennessee Lonesome Buzzards was very active some years ago, I can't say how they are now, haven't been there for some years. Bob
  13. robertl

    Health Wealth & Happiness

    Just thought I would throw this out there, I'm not a Dr. but I stayed in a Holiday Inn once. And, I tried it and it worked for me and my wife, we are not diabetic, if you are, you need to talk to a physician. Bob PS, Do your own research, it's all over the web, many Drs. and authors talking...
  14. robertl

    LSA Weight to be 3600 Pounds soon !!!

    Same here, this guy, long gone now, kept his J5 Cub in a shed next to his country store, when he wanted to fly, he would taxie onto the hwy. and take off. He never completed his PPL, used auto gas with no STC and I don't think a mechanic ever laid hands on the plane. Bob
  15. robertl

    Health Wealth & Happiness

    Not so sure about that CG, I know several CFI's that say they are bussier that ever. I know I'm flying more. Bob
  16. robertl

    LSA Weight to be 3600 Pounds soon !!!

    I would not just let it expire, if you do, you have to do it all over again, that's what I was told when I got a special issuance 3rd class. As soon as I got my 3rd class back, I went Basicmed. Bob
  17. robertl

    Static Thrust Calculator

    What about a jet engine?
  18. robertl

    Safety Alert Kolb 111 Extra Rudder and Tail boom flutter

    In pictures 2 and 5, the rudder is clearly sticking up past the fin, in pictures 3 and 4 it is flush with the fin. Why is this?
  19. robertl


    Wicki, I too became interested in the A Plane years ago but eventually decided I really didn't like the construction and began to question the strength of the design. The MiniMax on the other hand has a proven track record and there are lots of them flying around the world. Personally, I like...