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  1. J

    Opinions On This Kit

    Remember that KRs that old are still flying. Just sitting is certainly less hard on the glue joints, so if it's done properly... lets not borrow trouble. Test some joint that's easy to repair, look at all the joints you can see, and then carry on. (please no date-related puns)
  2. J

    Flying to Outer Space

    Yeah, I was mostly joking, the ones I've seen are a pound or two at most. But you know, one close call, a couple of ambitious reporters, and next thing you know there's another law passed... Incidentally, does anyone know what the typical range of an ATC radar is to get a skin-paint? I always...
  3. J

    Flying to Outer Space

    How long before an airliner takes one on the chin? Or, more damaging, up the intake.
  4. J

    Design/Production Tolerances

    "I cut it three times, and its still too short??"
  5. J

    twin engine light sport plans?

    Looks like HumanPowered and lr27 are talking about different things. "Twins on one engine" was supposed to refer to an engine-out condition, but it looks like it was read to mean "twin props driven by a common engine."
  6. J

    Composite spar in a wood wing

    psween, what is the approx weight of the stock spar? Could you share more details on how you did yours?
  7. J

    Citroen GS/Super Ami Flat Four

    Sounds like you are talking about it having primary and secondary bores? Very common on hot-rod type engines here. The secondaries are either driven mechanically from the linkage, which is what you are talking about, or by vacuum.
  8. J

    Opinions On This Kit

    a) make SURE you'll fit. 2 of me fit fine in a -2 but I'm in the bottom decile for size. Too late to stretch this one. b) That's a lot of work already done. You'll save a lot of time. c) Also a pretty big savings over buying the materials. You'd spend 3x that anyway, and still have the work...
  9. J

    Aerodynamic impact of small, spanwise creases, gaps, channels etc?

    I read something where Rutan was saying he lost something like 6mph just by going through a rainshower. Don't know any rules of thumb for you, but I suppose you should try to keep most of the flaws as far back on the wing as possible.
  10. J

    Greetings everyone!

    Fix your link. Oh, and welcome to the forums. Those rads look great.
  11. J

    Problems with getting acetylene, any ideas on substitutes?

    Propane will not give a "neutral" flame, is the problem I believe. You will cook the carbon out of the steel and ruin it. Cuts just fine though. Linde dealer here, maybe I should read those emails titled "Acetylene" - maybe that's what they're trying to tell us about.
  12. J

    Cozy 540RG, and previous builds (Quickie, Cozy III).

    Beautiful. You must be very proud of that bird!
  13. J

    Hi, from Colombia

    Ah, at 24 I'm at 120lbs - but I know that my brother is 20lbs heavier and almost 20 years older. Dad is another 25 or so years past him, and another 15 lbs. But I'm vegan, and they're not, plus they already weighed about that at my age. So I feel confident that I'll be able to fit into the KR2 I...
  14. J

    DIY Two-Stroke Construction Methods

    I've done some casting in aluminum. As a rule, I'd say that castings shouldn't fly if you can afford to avoid it. The strength you lose (or rather, the amount you have to derate by to ensure safety) means you gain weight compared to billet / forging / weldment. This is partially but not...
  15. J

    Wood Scimitar Propellers - reliability?

    I would suspect that the lamination of the wood is tailored to ensure that strength remains high despite the curve. But I am certainly no expert.
  16. J

    technical details of 51%

    Here's something that's been bothering me. The "major portion" / 51% rule has certainly been discussed a great deal in aviation circles, but I still don't know, how far can you push the rules. Tools are what I'm thinking of now. Say you need a custom tool to build an aircraft. I think Zenith...
  17. J

    Ugly Fiberglass Airplane

    Why bother? Make it out of aluminum, or steel tubes and fabric. Composites are for curves. Admittedly you can get smoother surfaces, but really, why sacrifice the best aspect, the ability to form curves? I don't think it would simplify it enough to be worth the tradeoff. Find some of Orion's...
  18. J

    Sun & Fun , just half?

    When I saw the title of the thread I was wondering if you intended to skip the sun, or the fun.
  19. J

    Composite Tube making

    I didn't look at all the links, so this might have been covered. In a book about composites I have, the author talks about how the spar for, I think, the Gossamer Albatross was made. They took an aluminum tube and layed up uni pre-preg on that, then wrapped it in heatshrink plastic. Then hot oil...
  20. J


    I'm really more into light / sleek / fast, but the Bearhawk seems to be the go-to plane for utility. I'd love to build one, if I could also have a fast glass 2 seater. What I'd like to see someone do, kinda crazy, put a turboprop engine into a Bearhawk. Imagine the climb rate.