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  1. b7gwap

    Sig Wonder planform

    Ye Olde Astro Hog
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    News from Daniel Dalby

    I love Dalby’s work, but what is reacting drag/anti-drag loads on the wing here? Just the pivot mechanism for the “wingerons?” The single rectangular beam for the empennage makes me a little nervous too, but I’m sure Dalby sized it sufficiently. Cute little thing.
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    T100D Mariah ultralight

    Anyone have any experience building and flying the Mariah? I’ve always liked the write up for the plans offer, but doesn’t seem like it’s been built in appreciable numbers. Is it like the ULF-1,very technical, requiring hand planes and jigs, balsa wood? Or is it just that aluminum tube ULs...
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    99lb/45kg primary glider
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    I want to get the maximum thrust out of less than 2kw of power.

    You absolutely could hook up your re purposed electric setup to something like the Macready HPV airplanes. Some considerations, though. Those power reduction systems were incredibly fragile, and were designed for one very narrow speed and torque range. You’d probably have to beef it up. Same...
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    Badland F2 kit

    Per springs: in the words of my college physics professor, “everything is a spring.” Some materials make better springs than others. We should perhaps define what we mean when we call something a spring. Most springs in mechanical terms refer to a device that will deform when stressed and return...
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    Ultralight struts/cantilever/additional weight

    Adding to what Dana has said, the closer your strut angle gets to 90, the closer it gets to whatever the actual half span loading is, and the contrary is also true. The shallower the strut angle, the more the strut tension and corresponding bolt stresses. The relationship is, as Dana said...
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    cheap engine and prop ideas

    I’ve always thought this was a good basic introduction to ultralight design: EAA hosting of UK SSDR document -Austin
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    cheap engine and prop ideas

    Hirth Engines has sort of taken over the small aviation two stroke market from Rotax. I don’t own one but many ultralight manufacturers install hirth engines as factory options. They all have gear reduction systems for the prop.
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    Lavorini electric Flying Flea

    Some delicious food for thought for the cantilever ultralight thread.
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    Ultralight struts/cantilever/additional weight

    from a google search. note the clear Tedlar covering aft of the D tube, attached with tenacious double sided tape. (Although the tired restoration project pictured clearly shows some of that has let go)
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    Ultralight struts/cantilever/additional weight

    Those ribs in a Warren truss arrangement look very cool. BBerson, care to share an image of your wing if you have one handy? This article may be helpful to the OP: Dana, my Lazair armchair research reveals that it does indeed have a drag...
  13. b7gwap

    3-Axis "Trike"?

    Um so that A.I.R. Silent still looks like it uses weight shift for pitch control.. there’s nothing wrong with that except I thought the OP was after 3-axis aero control with no weight shift, is that not the case? either way, that is a beautiful trike.
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    First attempt at design for electric delta pusher

    Cool sketch, RCB! I think you and some of the tailless guys here are having good and productive discussions. Returning to construction methods, let’s take a look at your benchmark, the Sandlin Bloop(s). Mike uses traditional tube ladder with external bracing wires to get the stiffness and...
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    3-Axis "Trike"?

    I was about to say Mitchell wing. More than a few have flown, I think Wick’s still sells kits for the B10 (wood and fabric version of the one posted above)
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    105 pound HAIG Minibat

    Agreed. Those struts are contributing to wing stiffness no doubt, but they are also stabilizing that tall skinny fuselage pod, and don’t look much longer than 6 feet on a glider with a span of 40-something. Have you analyzed the wing spar depth as is but cantilevered? Getting rid of any drag...
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    105 pound HAIG Minibat

    I’d be willing to bet a beer you could fit a monarch with a slick Mini-Bat-style canopy and call it good. ;)
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    105 pound HAIG Minibat

    If he’s using the monarch’s wing wholesale, it has both slight forward sweep and a small cutout forward of the spar that looks about head size, although most pictures show the pilot’s head below this cutout.
  19. b7gwap

    105 pound HAIG Minibat

    Not only that, Matt Kollman claims that by using some more exotic fibers, the monarch will hit the magic 155 lb empty number and therefore be part 103 legal. If you put a sustainer motor on it though, then you’d have a powered ultralight vehicle and be required to meet all the stall, max power...
  20. b7gwap

    105 pound HAIG Minibat

    The need to add wing area (I presume to be able to attain part 103 Stall and max sea level WOT speeds) would only be necessary if the engine was part of the re design. Unpowered ultralight vehicles have no speed restrictions. They do, however have a pretty restrictive max empty weight of 155...