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  1. stingray

    For Sale Mini max plans

    Full un-used set of Mini Max plans with supplemental drawings. $ 50.00 usd. Or trade ?? Shipping not included :ban:
  2. Ultra Decathalon

    Ultra Decathalon

    Ultra Decathalon
  3. stingray

    preceptor aircraft

    Marty , Ive been following the posts and am glad to see things are looking up. For what it's worth and this goes for our Aussie friends too. I was nearly two years getting my parts from preceptor. I know the frustration all to well. Hang in there guys. Keep leaning on him and I believe you'll...
  4. stingray

    preceptor aircraft

    Has anyone heard from Marty yet ????
  5. stingray

    preceptor aircraft

    Bob didn't see your post till today. If I find time over Christmas I may put some more pics out there. Regards. Patrick
  6. stingray

    preceptor aircraft

    The Ultra Decathalon is a one off based on the ultra pup. Every system in this aircraft has been modified or updated in some way to end up what I have. I still have the cowl molds and all the former templates , but the list of modifications is to long for here. EW 610 lbs. Take off @ max 1100...
  7. stingray

    Wanted Minimax drawings

    I think i have a set. Lucky you ! I have one complete (unused) plan set with supplemental drawings also. The plans have been rolled and stored and are in as new condition. Patrick
  8. stingray

    preceptor aircraft

    GLEN , I did a complete re-design on a (one off) ultra pup a couple of years back. Its now called an Ultra Decathalon. Every system on this aircraft has been updated and modernized. Sounds like im one of the few that got all the parts i paid for. I did not use a lawyer to achive this, but i did...
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