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  1. Craig

    Deuces Wild Takes To The Skies!

    Thanks - of the eight airplanes that I've built, Deuces Wild was the most challenging, and the most beautiful. She had been a dream of mine since about 1979, and I truly enjoyed the build. I sold her last fall to a fella in Texas, and apparently he is enjoying her now. Craig
  2. Craig

    65HP Aircraft engine

    Lewis - I sent you a PM yesterday. Craig
  3. Craig

    Fabric systems choice

    Stewart and Superflite are both really good - and so is Jim Loehle's paint method. His is about the easiest to use, but not the least inexpensive. Leaves a "wet-look" finish. Superflite has provided UV protection since it came out. Polyfiber, and Superflite are both approved for use on...
  4. Craig

    Dacron Fabric Prices ?

    I second George's statement - I have covered many wings with the "uncertified fabric" for experimental airplanes. Never had a problem with any of it. The 1.7 oz stuff is mainly used for very lightly loaded airplanes. It is also used for the reinforcing patches on 2.7 oz. fabric - after you...
  5. Craig

    LSA Speed Question

    "So if you set some arbitrary limit on "max continuous operating power" to keep the airspeed below 138, and set a gross weight limitation to meet the stall speed requirement, a SP can fly the aircraft. Later, without making any physical changes to the aircraft at all, the builder can revise the...
  6. Craig


    Jake, I get up to Pooler once or twice a year if I am unlucky - as a race steward, tho, I have to take the assignments given. It is a loooong drive up I-95. Still, now that you are there, I'll make an exception. They usually have a driver's school in February or March, and a National race...
  7. Craig

    Is there such a thing as "Too early"?

    James, I started taking my (now 33 year old) daughter flying when she was about 18 months. Other than once descending too fast for her little eardrums while on an IFR flight, we never had a problem. When she started screaming and batting her ears, I called control and asked for a slight climb...
  8. Craig

    New fuel sources

    We have one of our clients heavily involved in the algae process. Recently, the state tried to cite them for "dredging without a permit". They called me, I called the state and informed them that this was an agricultural/silviculture practice, and was exempt from their regs - they quickly...
  9. Craig


    Well Jake, when you get to Savannah, and I get up to Roebling Road Raceway (just west of Savannah, in Pooler), I'll stop by and give your project a free Tech Counselor visit!
  10. Craig

    broken wing fix??

    XJ - First, get rid of allthe damaged fabric. That mouse poo and pee is bad stuff. Then repair the woodwork - you can "sister" that rib - sand the old varnish off, and epoxy another piece along the broken spot. Fix the trailing edge. Then recover and repaint. Put some mice traps/poison...
  11. Craig

    Looking for a project

    Scuba - Full size plans can be a pain. As an example, if your project is on the work table, where do you spread your plans? Scaling isn't difficult, just different. You do want to make a full size plan of your airfoil, tho, as it really helps make the rib jigs. I believe that the VP-1 uses...
  12. Craig

    broken wing fix??

    XJ, most of the Fishers were covered with the supplied 1.7 oz Dacron and the Polyfiber (Stits) process. Their manual, available from their website, outlines the repair process quite well, and it is not difficult. I'm a long way from NY, but will be happy to give you advice via PM. As the...
  13. Craig

    Adjustable feet for workbench

    Appliance repair stores usually have the type of adjustable feet that can be screwed in, complete with nylon outer surface. Just need to epoxy the nut in as Norm outlines above. Or you can raid an abandoned fridge or range or washer.
  14. Craig

    Any Ideas?

    Welcome back, James. You still in the USAF?
  15. Craig

    Revmasters any good

    Guys, the corrosion on both aluminum and magnesium looks about the same - white powdery residue generally. If it is surface only, you can use a stainless brush to clean it off and inspect for pitting. Then properly chemically clean it and use a proper preservative or primer. Alodine works...
  16. Craig

    How to paint checkerboard ?

    Mr. Mono, the only way I have figured out how to do it is to paint everything the lighter of the two colors, then mask off all the areas that you want to remain that color, and spray on the darker color. I did one for some racing friends - sprayed on a good coat of white, masked it off, then...
  17. Craig

    Revmasters any good

    David - RevMaster has been a good engine for many years. Check the engine over for corrosion - both magnesium (case halves) and any aluminum parts like heads) can readily oxidize. Make sure that the engine will turn over by hand after you have pulled the plugs to ensure the threads haven't...
  18. Craig

    P38 Plans

    Mr. Bechtold (Team 38) is currently building a Titan T-51, and doing a real good job of it. This man is a true craftsman.
  19. Craig

    Engines, engines, engines!

    Deepest condolences, JE. Tough to lose a friend, and you are right - they are missed for a long, long time. Craig
  20. Craig

    Engines, engines, engines!

    Scott, I have chatted with him via phone and email. I'll remind him to check the forum for "customers".