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    Aerobatic/inversion systems of warbirds

    for the merlin, google 'miss shillings orifice'. or just go here. it actually explains a bit about pressure carbs as well.
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    metal shrinker

    When I was in the apprentice training school ~1million years ago, we were bending up flanges to put in airframes for mods and repairs. We were allowed to use the stretcher and shrinker, but the rule was the material that the jaws worked on had to be cut off before the part was completed. So...
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    Micro Jet design - Questions for Orion et al

    I suspect the engines are quite a bit smaller than the ones in the t-37. With your quest to get a rear bias for the weight of your engine (to balance out the fwd seat position) I was thinking you could mount the engines behind/above the rear spar. See the attachment for the sort of idea I'm on...
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    Micro Jet design - Questions for Orion et al

    Looking at what you are doing (side-by-side light twin jet) I can't help thinking t-37 dragonfly. Perhaps without all the drop tanks, but you get the idea.
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    Dogfight in a replica?

    As I recall, there was a company offering something like this out of Bankstown airport (sydney) a few years ago. They had two CT-4's (or some other low wing trainers) one painted red and the other black. Laser tag gear and so on, but you had to fly with an instructor so if you got to caught up...
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    Diesel engines

    erm, I suppose you were there, but to me that looks like a flat 12? it would have to be a one-off engine. I cannot think of anyone who makes a production flat 12 even close to small enough for use in a single seat light airplane. my bad. the flat 12 is on a stand in the background, not in the...
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    Help with airfoil coordinates

    I've looked in a few places, but I cannot seem to find any information on the (supposed) airfoil used for the Hawker Sea Fury, ie the H/1414/37.5 Can anyone help out with this?
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    Boeing 787 - Metal Thinking in Composites

    Perhaps the biggest advantage on the 787 fuse is the lack of longitudinal joins in the skin. The reduction in weight from the removal of the pad-ups at the overlaps would be enormous to start with. Not to mention in-service issues with those joints. Have you ever seen the size of the doubler...
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    Experimental- speed, weight, wing area etc. limitations?? Are there any??

    Not so fast my friend.... You could always do a mini F15 B/D/E model and get someone who has the ratings to do the certification in your own 'plane. Mind you, it would preclude you doing the first flight in it.
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    exhaust pipe drag

    slightly o/t, but if you do that (or cut it back flush) I hope you like washing the bottom of your 'plane
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    'T' tail verses Conventional layout.

    Hello all. I tried clicking on the link above, but I get a "problem loading page" error. Is this just me, or is everyone else having the same problem? cheers, Brad
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    Big projects

    I was thinking about a scale B-36 for a while. It seems a bit beyond my abilities for the moment though. The phrase "six turning, four burning" would be cool to hear over the radio though.......
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    chinese engines?

    You better not fly in anything from seattle or touluse any time soon then....... Yeah some of the stuff that comes out of china is rubbish, but hey, they aren't asking you to pay for a rolls-royce (or even a VW).
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    ok, I must have been asleep at the keyboard again. Strange, I missed the thread where you told us what engine you plan to use for that thing (it's not going to be one of your pulse jets is it?).
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    CNC stuff.

    OK, so now I can put up some liks that might be useful to someone. First: EMC2 This is an open-source machine controller that runs on Linux. Powerful, under constant development and FREE! Second: CNCzone This is a forum run on a for-profit basis, but lots of machine designs and DIY...
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    would a hole/window in the floor behind the seats be a possibility? Or maybe between the seat rails on the second seat, and only take photo's flying 1up?
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    Hello from Sweden!

    Sorry to the OP for the off topic.... CHUCK, what have you got on the front of your 'bird to drive the big fan?
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    Return of the Seaplane

    hey orion, how messy did the aerodynamics get around that mid-span chord change?
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    Vaccuum Infusion?

    RTM is also useful where you want to make a net-shape part that has OML surface all round. such as complicated structures (post fittings and so on). Another use is with 3D woven preforms as opposed to lay up out of fabric sheets. This of course requires matched tooling with approprate...
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    I don't know about the Ocular viewer or the portable/pda stuff in manufacturing, I've only seen that for the maintenance/flight line guys. But I do know for-absolutely-****-certain that all the primes and most of the tier ones are moving to a paperless manufacturing system. whereby just about...
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