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    New infusion regime for superthick laminates

    "It’s the holy grail of infusion: an unsaturated polyester or vinyl ester resin that allows unlimited flow time to vacuum infuse very large, thick parts, cures on demand and produces parts with mechanical properties equivalent to epoxy. Sound impossible? In fact, it is now a reality." New...
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    Shearwater hydroski amphib

    Shearwater Aircraft - Kitset manufacturer of a high performance four seat amphibian airplane. Just came across this while googling for 'hydroski'. Never seen this on these forums before and figured some of you would like to know about it. Cheers
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    What is this airfoil called?

    A couple years ago i saw a show on tv or read an article which had pictures of a test-bed aircraft showing off a new type of wing. I remember it being a fixed multi-element airfoil. The airplane was in the air flying, one wing was normal the other wing was a combination of regular wing and...