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    Hope someone can help.

    Hi, everyone it's been a few years since I posted. But I have a question A few years ago someone posted a link to a Rutan Long Ez in Europe that had a steel tube fuselage with composite pieces attached to the tubing. Does anyone remember the link to the site? Thanks.
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    First timer building a cheap plane

    You could also look at the Wittman Tailwind and also the Buttercup.
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    Kitfox terror

    AR. According to one report I saw punishment could be anything "from letters to fines to suspension of flying privilege". Pilot Thought F-16s Were Admiring Her Cub
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    Ocean altitude limit?

    RVSM is limits are FL 290 to 410. If I'm not mistatken you can be cleared through RVSM limited air space and operate above without having a RVSM compliant aircraft.
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    Best Plug making technique?

    Seb I didn't mean to imply that you weren't going to do the tutorial, just that there has not been a lot of activity on the thread by anyone else in a while. I know life gets in the way of completing almost anything. and whenever you post it, it will be worth waiting for. My response was...
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    Best Plug making technique?

    Hi, guys. I know this thread has died down but someone mentioned a making a 5 or 6 axis CNC machine. I found plans for a 5 axis machine. I don't know if they are any good but it looks interesting. To me it looks a little flimsy but it could probably...
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    homebuilt twins

    You also have the Ravin 600. Ravin Aircraft it's about half way down. Brian
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    STOL vs Pocket Rocket?

    I don't think we'll know how practical the Avcen Jetpod is because the only prototype crashed killing the owner designer. It is a wonderful idea, does anybody know the results of the crash investigation?
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    Orion I'm kind of curious what is realistic about a aircraft in this size class? I would also like to know where he is going to find a Williams FJ44? the only small fanjet engines I've seen lately are PW610's and they are on the market only because Citation owners are converting to the Williams...
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    What Jet engine to use?

    What about using a converted GE T-58 Like the Cozy Jet?
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    How much material would be needed?

    Thanks, the reason I ask is I remember reading an online article with Steve Rahm where he said the cost of raw materials was extremely low compared to what kit manufactures were selling kits for. I also recently saw a Youtube interview with the former owner of Epic Aircraft and he said he...
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    How much material would be needed?

    Hi I have a strange question. I would like to know how you would determine how many 100 yard rolls of carbon fiber would be in a high performance pressurized aircraft like a Epic Elite or any other large homebuilt like a lancair Evolution? My other question would be would all manufacturers...