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    Control surface substitution.

    In making a control surface (rudder,aileron etc.) could it be possible to replace the .032 Aluminum spar with one made of fiberglass? The reason I ask is that I no longer have access to the bending brake that I used years ago when I first made these pieces. A while back I discovered that my...
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    Long EZ strength

    Anyone know what the wing loading is on a Long EZE canard... and how many G’s it’s good for.
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    Epoxy question

    I’m building a fuel tank from quarter inch foam with vinyl ester resin on the inside (a tip from this forum) and E Z Poxy on the outside ( because I already have it). I’m hoping the “sandwich” along with the baffles will give me good ridgity and strength. A couple of places will be glass to...
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    Fuel tank sealer

    I'm about to build a custom fuel tank that will mostly use auto fuel. Ethanol free fuel is available, but still is a concern. Of course a welded aluminum tank would be ideal, and still possible, but a composite tank would be easier (and cheaper) for me. Lancairs,etc use a Jeffco sealer...
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    Landing gear

    I'm about to weld onto my landing gear legs , the pads that the axles will bolt to. I will be setting toe-in/out and camber at this time. The plane is a taildragger. Should I have the plane in level flight attitude when I do this or should it be done with the tail on the ground? ( or...
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    Years back there was a nice, lightweight, strong taildragger called the Capella. I believe it was out of Austin, TX. Duane Cole even used one for aerobatics. I'm looking for info/plans for that aircraft. Anyone have any info or contacts for that plane or know of an Austin EAA chapter that...
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    New member problem

    A family member is having a problem signing up as a new HBA member. E-mailed the site administrator to see if there was a problem with the site but got no response. Is anyone else having this problem? Thanks. Neal
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    Log in problem

    A family member is having trouble becoming a new member of HBA. E-Mailed the administrator to see if there was a problem with the site but got no reply. Is anyone else acing this problem? Thanks. neal
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    Landing gear placement

    Trying to determine the proper placement of the main gear on my original design (taildragger). An EAA publication, and most others that I have read, state to draw a line through the thrust axis, place the plane in level flight attitude and determine the CG. From this CG, draw a line 15 degrees...