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  1. Royal

    KRS2 Design Study

    Just messing around with Fusion 360 and the KR2S. Since I have ADHD I wont be able to ever have a full pilots license. I just want to be able to have a really nice looking airplane based on something that already works. Not that this would ever get built but if someone wants the files let me know.
  2. Royal

    RX1/APEX Dementions

    Does anyone have a 3d model or the dimensions of the engine that I can put in an airplane to design cowlings?
  3. Royal

    Liquid cooling

    I have had an idea for a while. While radiators have been around for quite some time and work they do create a lot of drag. I've seen people making certain contraptions to block air after takeoff to restrict the amount of air and reduce drag. The idea i have is making a copper radiator that...
  4. Royal

    Yamaha 160 lb engine. 130 hp

    Yamaha makes some amazing boat engines. Seems the Waverunner engines would be an even better airplane engine. It just insane what HP numbers they can get out of a 3 cyclinder 1000cc engine. 160 lbs and 130 hp I think these would be crazy fuel efficient since you wouldn't need 130 hp to...
  5. Royal

    Aeolus-Aerodynamic Analysis and Optimization

    Anyone use this? I am just messing around with it right now but its a pretty powerful tool if you know what you are doing.
  6. Royal

    Community Built Canard Aircraft

    Hello! I'm John Royal. I'm new here and I have been reading a lot of the threads. I see lots of engineers and great minds in here. I have had this idea since I was a child like most. Designing a simple homebuilt airplane. I'm 36 now. Have ADHD and have a thirst to knowledge. I have always...