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    Reliable??? I've heard they are.

    Hummelbird Picture2 Picture2
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    Reliable??? I've heard they are.

    Hummelbird Guys, Here are a couple of photos of Bob Dalesio's Hummelbird. Bob lives in Washington, PA and has no computer, we just transported his "Bird" to Toronto, OH, where it will be based. In my hanger and will be test flying as weather permits. Also in this hanger is a Carlson...
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    Reliable??? I've heard they are.

    Have a friend that just completed a Hummelbird with a 1/2 VW (full case). Will be transportiing to Local airport for test run soon. Looks like a rocket. Will post picture later. Do Not cut the case, bearing journal will not take crank stress. Have a 1/2 case here with damage to rear bearing...
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    Mosler 1/2 VW

    Mosler 1/2 VW/TEC Just acquired a Sparrow UL with a 2 cylinder 4 stroke. Books with it are from Mosler, but I was told they were out of business. The engine has no Mosler markings on it. Have not flown it yet, needs some going over. Any help appreciated. Has a 54/24 prop on it...