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    saltwater landing gear

    Hi! I'm planning on building an Osprey 2 and thinking about making it saltwater worthy. The plans have 4130 gear. I know of one flying boat with aluminum 6013t651 gear and would think about replacing steel with that aluminum. Is it a simple mathematical ratio problem? If steel is twice as...
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    epoxy weakens at moderately high temps?

    I've been looking for the best glue and moisture barrier for wood. Planning on building an Osprey. Below is from the Falco construction manual dated 2002. 'The principal limitation is that epoxies soften with heat, and the room temperature cure epoxies used on boats and homebuilt airplanes...
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    FAA penalty for flying over gross; changeable gross weight?

    Hello! I'm looking at building an Osprey 2. I know of one person who reported getting the stall speed down to 52 mph with VG's. I am a sport pilot and would entertain the idea of building it to comply with those standards. The specs suggest a gross of 1560, but I would cap it at 1440, the light...
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    Wooden Aircraft Building Resources?

    Hey, guys! I am looking at getting plans and building an Osprey 2. It's mainly wood, with some fiberglass and fabric, I believe. I don't know much about working with wood so am looking for resources. Maybe certain plane newsgroups (the Osprey isn't very active) or wooden boats, etc. I could...
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    Hello :-) I'm looking at seaplanes. Criteria are cost, build time, storage, along with flight characteristics. Has to be at least a 2 seater. The Searey would be nearly ideal if it came in plans only or was half the price, currently north of $30k. Storage would be solved by having the...
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    Learning Gas Welding

    Hi! I might like to build from plans a tube and fabric airplane. I have never welded and have spent an hour reading about this. It sounds like using gas would be the easiest to learn and the cheapest, while making suitable welds. When the time comes, I could enroll in a community college...