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    PIC Qualifications.

    Because you are the builder, does that mean you are qualified to fly? For example. A homebuilt with a merlin on the front. What kind of endorsements would one need in there logbook? Just a complex endorsement? Or a better example. Gerry Becks homebuilt P-51A. Would one need a P-51 LOA to be...
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    H-1 and H-1 Replica

    Has their been any analysis done as to just how aerodynamic the Hughes H-1 and H-1 replica was? We all know the speeds that Hughes and Jim Wright had there aircraft up to..... with aruably limited power. Jim Wright stated that the propeller he had on his craft actually started to bog the...
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    New Build V-12

    Is Falconer the only engine shop out there making custom v-12's