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  1. pwood66889

    Daniel Dalby (APEV) Staggerchel

    Well, I do know that some sail boats were built from concrete. If one had a bad encounter with a reef, just hove onto the beach at high tide, heel her over as the water receides and slather some ReadyMix on. Should set before water comes back and sail her home!
  2. pwood66889

    WW1 Rigging wire

    I vaguely remember wire cable descriptors having a decode - like AN nuts and bolts. Think it might be in 43-13?
  3. pwood66889

    Single-seat ultralight puddlejumper: the "Carbonmax"

    To see Mr. Riblett really roll, mention the 43013... :-)
  4. pwood66889

    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    "I have bought Ercoupe parts from this man. " Vern Gregory is excellent to deal with, Pops. Sent him email on the nose roller just today.
  5. pwood66889

    Aircraft appraisel

    I know the IRS might accept a Trade-A-Plane average. But we're running it through the State of Florida, so... We asking around the local airports. Appreciate suggestions.
  6. pwood66889

    Wat type of flap is this

    Hope that bire was not on the Dutch Endangered Specie list, Bill. Looking for those Ercoupe parts in KHIO. Was that Craigslist?
  7. pwood66889

    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    Rode out to look at my nose gear strut - found some issues = maybe a crack in the part just above the wheel, elongated bolt holes, and some bores a skidge too large. Good trip, but I gotta find that post here about some Ercoupe parts in HIO, Oregon.
  8. pwood66889

    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    Been through Valdosta; it's not that far from 2J0. Hope the next 5,000 posts will tell me when Peter shows up.
  9. pwood66889

    Interesting Paper LAR-Stall-Vortex-Planform-Reynolds

    Breaking it down, Berridos. "Adverse" means bad, so the pressure gradient is not going in a good direction. A "Gradient" is a rate of change; kinda like the steepness of a hill. So to me, "adverse pressure gradient" means the air pressure is not going a way one would like. But that could be...
  10. pwood66889

    Aircraft appraisel

    Please pardon, as I couldn't find any of the "usual suspects" that matched my question. I plan to use my plane in a flying club and am "donating" it there to. Yeah, they could not find anybody to be president, so... `Tany rate, I need to value it for the deal to go through. Local...
  11. pwood66889

    Wanted Graham Lee or Airdrome Aiplanes plans

    EAA Chapter 292 had quite a spread in The Taildragger on that build. Perhaps if you contacted that outfit directly?
  12. pwood66889

    Interesting Paper LAR-Stall-Vortex-Planform-Reynolds

    Ah, but the OP is trying to understand, and needs better verbiage BJC. I stand by my criticism. The drawing next to the section that discusses it makes it clear what is going on. By looking at the roll of the air off of a finite lengthed wingspan, I can see the curvature of it expand. That...
  13. pwood66889

    Interesting Paper LAR-Stall-Vortex-Planform-Reynolds

    Top-of-the-head, and not going to a "Full-Calculus Press," I'd say get the figure next to the verbiage! Then you have to point out where (a) is an idealized flow, where none of the air escapes around the tips of the wings. Note that (b) being more the case encountered in "real life." My...
  14. pwood66889

    Job Offered: UH-60 Pilot (Firefighting)

    Just for you, VB. Sent to my old IAM local on Ft. Rucker.
  15. pwood66889

    Powder coated frame work?

    While on the subject... Can Powder Coating be used where there may have been some pitting? I have control wheel shafts that would ride in a phenolic or some such slipping carrier. No big scraping, just slide back and forth, round and round.
  16. pwood66889

    1/2 or full vw kits

    Am interested in how it turns out, Ken. The draw of the VW is parts availability. But that is only stock parts. The 1/2 VW, in my opinion, is a machinist's tour-de-force! With out good cost accounting, like I took in college, your friend could loose his/her shoes! Yet given the time-pass...
  17. pwood66889

    HBA Forum Stickers in the works!

    What's the price? Can I get in both blue and black??
  18. pwood66889

    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    Examined tail tie down attachment, and will order a new one. Started removing the old antenna coax for an ELT that is no longer there.
  19. pwood66889

    How to answer questions for a medical!

    Well, there was the instance when the FAA looked at the Social (in)Security database to see who had medicals and were also on disability... Jes' saying.
  20. pwood66889

    How to answer questions for a medical!

    And Never but NEVER have your personal physician as your AME! `Specially in the USA. I fly under Sport Pilot rules and have never looked back.