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    Dale Klapmeier on his Cirrus journey

    Worth a watch for very many reasons, if partly just for the quick tour of the Cirrus aircraft factory to see aeroplanes in the nude!
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    A plane like Alice...

    I rather like this effort. I admit to being a little skeptical when all that was released was some dodgy renderings but this is impressive. The press conference at Paris was pretty credible too.
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    Never mind Raptor. Perhaps this is how innovation should be done...?

    I keep seeing this pop up from time to time in my various social media feeds and think it is cool as! I think it has more going for it than a canard design and the fact that it's all so secret squirrel makes it more interesting, exciting and better for engineering decision making. Does anyone...
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    LAK Genesis 2 - what's it like...?

    I stumbled across the Genesis in a few posts here and elsewhere and it looks kind of interesting for a design but doesn't seem to have capitalized on it from a structural weight point of view compared to other 15m class sailplanes. Is there an obvious reason for this that I'm missing? Apart...
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    3D printed moulds - this must be in the future for homebuilt composite airframes...?

    Well, if you can do it for wind turbine blades, why not wings and fuselages...?
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    Modeling propeller inflow in CFD

    Hello all, I have a pusher design I want to run some CFD on (OpenFOAM) but the propeller disc forms part of the (hoped for) aerodynamic flow patterns to minimize drag/separation at the back end of a Goldschmied body and so I am hoping for a relatively simple way to estimate the flow field of...
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    Honda GX-based aero engine (completely crazy nutter content!)

    The crazy man in my head has escaped from the asylum and is running around with the idea of making and engine based on Honda GX-series engine parts. Now the premise is that these engines are so ubiquitous that future parts availability is probably as guaranteed as the IC engine, not to mention...
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    Flow visualisation - how is this done...?

    Possibly risky link The winglet in the above link has by some process been coated with something to allow the boundary layer flow regime to become visible and presumably fixed for a certain flight condition. Does anyone know how this is done and with what materials, processes and methods?
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    Hinged/articulated airfoil CL/Cd data?

    Does anyone have to hand any papers, NACA reports etc that describe or illustrate how to calculate/derive CD/CL data for a symmetrical but hinged airfoil section - i.e empennage. Not looking to be too fancy, but researching a aerodynamic/kinematic model for an autopilot pitch controller...