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  1. Armilite

    Hard to find Rotax 277 Rods.

    For those wanting a Rotax 277F Rod kit to rebuild their 277F or 277UL Crank.
  2. Armilite

    EZ Fun Flyer?

    Does anyone know what happened to the Ez Fun Flyer a Lazair knock-off using 120cc Honda/Clone Engines? Details: EZ Fun Flyer Blue Yonder Aviation, Inc. Box 12, Site 9, RR 5 Calgary, AB T2P 2G6 Canada Phone: 403-936-5767...
  3. Armilite

    Rotax PTO Taper?

    Rotax used mainly 30mm 1:10 PTO Taper for most of its 2 Strokes. The 670 and Newer Engines use a 33mm 1:7.5 PTO Taper. Now I have had a lathe for 25+ years and never did a Taper. I have a Steel Pulley that has a Straight Hole and I want to fit on my 277 PTO, but I don't have a 277 PTO Drawing...
  4. Armilite

    Improving Take Off Performance?

    Ok, I have a friend who has a Kolb Firestar 2 which is tandem configuration, with a 503UL (50hp) with C Gear Box with a 3.0 to 1 ratio and a 71/72" Warp Drive Prop. 6500rpm / 3.0 = 2166.6 rpm for Prop. It's a (3) Blade. A 72" x 22 at 6500/3.0 = 2166.6rpm Pitched for 2066.6rpm (3) Blade =...
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  6. Armilite

    Super Cowel?

    Is the Super Cowel still being made for Rotax Free Airs? Was there one for the 277UL? I forget who made them.
  7. Armilite

    So I talked to Aerolite 103.

    So by their Info, a 277UL with the right Prop should work also. They only show a 60" & 63" Prop. A Rotax 277UL (26hp@6250rpm) with a 2.58 Redrive at 77F using a 63" x 19 Pitched for 2,322.5 rpm = 227.83 lbs Static Thrust and needs 25.474 hp! A Hirth F-33 (28hp@6500rpm) with a 2.5 Redrive at 77F...
  8. Armilite

    For those of you who Think Electric is Quiet with a Prop

    Electric Motor with Prop on Test Stand at about 4000rpm.
  9. Armilite

    e-Lazair Info!

    Electric Ultralight Weight Issue I have come up with the below analysis of the weight issues regarding electric ultralights. I believe that anyone considering a project like mine should use this approach in determining their allowable component weights as no one has yet found a flaw in the...
  10. Armilite

    1981 Ultralight Flying in Seattle KingDome Stadium

    1981 Ultralight Flying in Seattle Kingdome Stadium. Manta Fledge flying inside the dome in 1981.
  11. Armilite

    Rotax 185 Cylinder and Nikasil?

    Does anyone have any Photo's of a Rotax 185UL Cylinder? Does the Sleeve stick out the bottom or Flush on the bottom? I know the newer 185's still used on Water Pumps has a Nikasil Cylinder but same Stock 62mm Bore. I believe they use a 94mm Bolt Pattern which should allow up to a 76mm Big Bore...
  12. Armilite

    Who Sells Aluminium End Plugs for Tubing?

    Who Sells Aluminium End Plugs with a Lip, Flat on the end, for Tubing? Mainly looking for 1.0" OD and 1.25" OD - .065" Wall. Want it to help support the bolt that go through the Tube. Delrin may work also. don't need an O-ring.
  13. Armilite

    Piston Port to Reed Fed Conversion

    Your Rotax 185UL, 277F/277UL, 440F/447UL, 503F/503UL, are Piston Port Engine's, the 462UL, 532UL, 582UL, 618UL, 670, are Rotary Valve Engines. The 277F/277UL, 503F/505UL, and the Skidoo 550F Reed Fed Engine all use the same Head/Cylinder Bolt Pattern. A Reed Fed Engine will outperform a...
  14. Armilite


    DYNO TESTING a Honda GX390 Stock is 11.7hp/13hp@3600rpm. Looks like a Stock Carb with a better Air Filter with just a Header Exhaust and run up to about 5000rpm. Some Comments below the Video. The Timing is Advanced and the Cylinder is finished with...
  15. Armilite

    Electric Starters for Rotax 277?

    I have seen Rotax Electric Staters put on 277UL Free Airs. Air Screw makes a Billet Cover to replace the Flimsy Rotax Cover. Has anyone Adapted a GPL Starter to a 277? If so, what Housing Casting did you use D3, D4, etc? GPL Starters Main Casting (D4) 377_447_503_Small GPL Starters Main...
  16. Armilite

    Good Article on "How I Made These Tuned Pipes for a 2 Stroke."

    Good Article on "How I Made These Tuned Pipes for a 2 Stroke."
  17. Armilite

    A i r c r a f t S u p e r C a l c u l a t o r 7.5.1

    A i r c r a f t S u p e r C a l c u l a t o r 7.5.1
  18. Armilite

    Tuned Exhaust Header for a 4 Stroke!

    Good Video showing a Tuned Exhaust Header for a 4 Stroke! Off this web site.
  19. Armilite

    Tuned Exhaust Header for a 4 Stroke!

    Good Video showing a Tuned Exhaust Header for a 4 Stroke! Off this web site.
  20. Armilite

    INFLATABLE Paint Spray Booth

    INFLATABLE Paint Spray Booth or Temp Workshop or maybe a Hanger. I wonder if you filled the Legs with Expanding Foam how long it would last. Looks like $1,159 on up on eBay. 26'L x 13' W x 10' H Different Brand...