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  1. Bigshu

    Part swaps

    I'm curious if fiberglass or carbon fiber tubes can be substituted for aluminum tubes, for spars or rudder posts, or other structural parts. It seems like the tensile strength can be comparable, but I don't know about other considerations like bending loads, etc.
  2. Bigshu

    VP1 rudder question

    I checked Wicks and Aircraft spruce and Airpartsinc, and I can't find the rudder tube for a VP1. The plans (p.51) calls for 2" diameter x .058 x 55" 2024-T3 aluminum tube. Nobody seems to have it in their online catalogs...Are people substituting, or am I missing a source?
  3. Bigshu

    Need a helping hand on the West coast

    Back before the pandemic, I was the high bidder in an auction for an Airdrome aeroplanes Fokker D8. The problem is, since the pandemic, travel restrictions, hot zones and rolling lockdowns have kept me from going out to get the project and bring it home to Missouri. The seller has been...
  4. Bigshu

    Volksplane wing question.

    I've been seeing VP-1 projects on the internet for good prices, so I bought a set of plans to see what I'd be getting into trying to complete one. One question I've got is, can the wing struts be fastened to a single attachment point, rather than running parallel to two attachment points. Do you...