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    6061-T6 - 2.5" x .065" Aluminium Tube Joinery

    Hope youv all been keeping well. am having a problem purchasing aluminum for the weedhopper for the lengths longer than 12 feet. Aircraft & Spruce have the aluminum in 12 foot max lengths and therefore sections like: The Root Tube 2.5" x .065" x 183.5" L.E Wing-spar 2.5" x .065" x 158.5" T.E...
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    6063 T6 aluminium as an alternative of the T6-6061

    Hi all. would it be possible to build an ultralight purely on 6063-T6 Aluminum as an alternate of T6-6061 Aluminum? would the compromise in structural strength be compromised to a level of not using the 6063 grade aluminum?