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  1. Ethan Appleton

    electric idea and need help?

    So I here is the general aspect to my idea. Using two small maybe 8hp motors spinning a compressor blade, collect blead air off those compressor blades run them through an aircycle machine (such as how you get A/C on turbin powered aircraft) - Using this now cooled (forget the actual amount but...
  2. Ethan Appleton

    Possibility of single stroke engine.

    Looking into for the future of building my own plan. I like the common engines but I just want something unique per say. Would a single stroke engine be possible in the case that fuel and air would be pre mixed and injected just before top dead center then ignited and burned for the down...
  3. Ethan Appleton

    Electric propulsion and Superconductivity

    Current student for my A&P- love the airframe and such but the engines confuse me. I want to build my own sport plane to fly about with but I am planning on doing the first to be fully electric. First question I really have is how can I not put a CVT tranny of sorts into the linkage of prop to...