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  1. robertl

    I went flying

    Yep, I did it again, I committed aviation yesterday. First, a little history, PPL in 1974 and active for a few years, then, as they say, life got in the way. Traveling for work, kids and no flying for 30 years, then, sporadic flying when I could find a rental and an instructor near where I was...
  2. robertl

    Formation flying

    I know this is a Homebuilt forum, I've been on here a while, even though I'm not building, so I thought I would at least post some flying stuff. There is a guy that has a C-150 for rent about 40 miles from me and it's not too expensive so I try to get there about every couple of weeks at...
  3. robertl

    VW Engine

    Saw an 1835 VW engine for sale locally for $1200, no fan or shroud or generator. It's not converted for aircraft use, but was wondering if that's a fair price. It's on an engine stand so it can be demonstrated that it runs. Bob
  4. robertl

    Airventure arrivals.

    I'm sure someone on here can suggest something. What would be a good time to watch a lot of arrivals at Airventure ? I have thought about getting there on Sunday, thinking there would be a lot of planes coming in on Monday, but then again, I'm not sure. What say y'all ? Bob
  5. robertl


    [SIZE=5]I posted this on the EAA Forum and figured I'd post here also. I have just received my letter of authorization to take the Medical Flight Test, 3rdclass. My SODA. I was wondering if anyone here has had to do the same and what should I expect. Is this oral,written or just demonstrated...