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  1. akwrencher

    Still breathing!

    I'm one of the lucky ones, still working full time. Right now busy running the landing craft to Juneau for groceries and freight, and doing maintenance in between trips. We are being very careful, trying to avoid anyone on our crew getting sick. All the stuff we do is essential services so my...
  2. akwrencher

    Cessna tests new “Skycourier” and it’s actually not too terrible

    I can empathize. We don't like hauling non containerized freight either. RORO much better.
  3. akwrencher

    Klixon circuit breakers as switches

    Blue Sea Systems A-Series White Toggle Circuit Breaker - Single Pole, 15A I'm sure these weigh more, but if you only need 5........ I've rarely seen them fail. Common on boats.
  4. akwrencher

    LSA Weight to be 3600 Pounds soon !!!

    I got a sleep study, and they said I did not have sleep apnea.
  5. akwrencher

    Forum software updated today.

    Probably, but I still like your definition better!🤣
  6. akwrencher

    Forum software updated today.

    Perhaps it's in reference to a build log?
  7. akwrencher

    Forum software updated today.

    Lol, ignore above, I found it. Hold down the like button and get options.
  8. akwrencher

    Forum software updated today.

    I notice there is now a button to return to top of page on my Android phone. That's kind of cool. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know where the other reactions are on mobile version? I just see like, quote, and reply, like on the old version. I haven't looked on the windows version yet...
  9. akwrencher

    Fastener Orientation

    I have found loose/missing nut in truck tie rod, gravity held it in long enough to find, also had one fall out that was in from the bottom. Thankfully it was in my driveway...... So yes, it's nice when you can. Only helps in certain situations though.
  10. akwrencher

    Forum software updated today.

    I'm impressed with the work so far, leaps and bounds better than the stock initial version. Thank you for your efforts.
  11. akwrencher

    Alternator Conversion Cheap Electric Moter?

    A short amount of time is a relative term. That's slot of juice to put through an altetnator. It better have really good cooling. I've maxed out old style Delco 105 amp alts and melted stuff. Not saying it can't be done, but heat will be a concern. Side note, all automotive style alternators...
  12. akwrencher

    Using heated trowel to Form Micro

    I was thinking of the oil pan heaters you get for cars and equipment, similar, could glue it right to a steel trowel. May be cumbersom, would have to try it to find out I guess.
  13. akwrencher

    Wood and metal and apples and oranges

    It also depends on where you live and what materials are near you. Shipping can be a large percentage. Wood is tricky because some have the option of sourcing and grading their own. (Plywood not withstanding). Aluminum is what it is.
  14. akwrencher

    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    Not only that, but it's also the most time consuming. Kind of like building a house. The framing goes quick, then it gets slower from there. I'm slowly going through an old LCM-8 landing craft at work that we are using to haul freight now that ferry service is all messed up. It runs great, but...
  15. akwrencher

    Adding redundant fuel and spark to auto/sled/motorcycle conversions.

    And, using double the diodes only prevents one failure mode, and doubles the chance of the other falure mode.diodes can failed open OR closed.
  16. akwrencher

    Battery options

    Forgive me if you have already discarded this idea as impractical, but would it be lighter just to put in a second small alternator? I'm not familiar with your engine so maybe this wouldn't work.
  17. akwrencher

    Aileron Hinge Design

    I have done similar, but now I'm lazy and buy the premixed spray can from the auto parts store.
  18. akwrencher

    Artificial Horzion

    Many years ago I posted this. Seema like a good time to re post it :-) Many years ago my Grandfather sent me a clipping with this funny story. I now share it with you. I hope you laugh as hard as I did :) INSTRUMENT FLYING FOR ANIMAL LOVERS Having detailed the concept of attitude...
  19. akwrencher

    Interesting stuff

    Great pic, but aren't those parts flying in a much looser formation than usual?:D
  20. akwrencher

    Someone finally built a manned "drone" and its worse than anyone expected

    He is not a pilot, the drone is actually a drone, piloted remotely, and carrying a passenger, according to the article.
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