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    Leaking exhaust joint!

    Someone ask what engine you are ruining. Also a photo or two might help us understand the problem.
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    Leaking exhaust joint!

    Has this just started or has it been a problem all along?
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    No Excuse Now

    So no income, but time on your hands. So how do you build without spending money?
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    The big video topic

    What, no recoil rope to start it?
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    Asking for computer technical assistance

    Yes the snipping tool is quite useful, however it doesn't always work. If you have something on you screen that goes away when you click on the sip icon, then you have to use the PrtScrn key.
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    Ah ha, no mention of any means to keep others from taking advantage or your prep. 2nd amendment anyone.
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    Famous Last Words....

    I thought you tightened the bolts.
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    Hello from Spain

    Marcos, Welcome to HBA.
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    Another plane fell from the sky. This report is somewhat dated as the pilot has now been identified. Also the aircraft took off from the Eden Prairie, MN air port. More info here...
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    Can anyone help me identify this aircraft?

    Do you know if it ever flew? Also are you able to identify the engine? I looks like an opposed twin. Perhaps if you remove some of the metal from around the engine, some of the people here maybe able to identify it. Richard
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    When I had to work for a living, sometimes when there was some large amount of field failures of our products, the engineering manager would call for a "come to Jesus" meeting with the engineers. These meetings often included words that are not allowed on this site. You knew that if your name...
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    From the Forbes site: " The helicopter that crashed Sunday killing basketball star Kobe Bryant and eight others was owned by a charter company that was certified to operate under visual flight rules, and it was not permitted to carry passengers in weather that limited visibility to the point...
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    It appears that there was considerable fire which consumed a lot of the copter. I assume that the victims were also mostly consumed in the fire. Also it appears that the craft was not coming straight down, but at an angle that allowed it to bonce once before coming to the final resting spot...
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    Boeing - Design Issues...

    Well lets just hope that the 777 programmers are not the same ones who did the software for the 737max. And that the "folding wings" don't fold while in flight.
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    Video: Soundproofing that LOUD Air Compressor

    Did you make any DB measurements of the compressor noise before and after you put the box around it?
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    The big video topic

    A very brave soul with a lot of patience. I thought that he would never get that rotor to spin up. Richard
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    New to forum, not to flying.

    Welcome to HBA from a fellow Minnesotan. Richard
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    Garmin’s new Autoland system

    Sorry did't know that. Richard
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    Garmin’s new Autoland system

    Garmin’s new Autoland system can safely fly an airplane from cruising altitude to finding a suitable runway, landing the airplane perfectly, applying brakes, then stopping the engine. This is pretty amazing. See the video: Pilots, we don't need them anymore. Richard
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