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  1. mullacharjak

    What could be done to reinvent the Affordaplane to a more homogeneous project?

    I like the Le Pelican ultralight with the built up aluminum spar.I think the drawings are still available. So are the drawings for the SAAB MFI 9 with a similiar spar.A variation is the forgotten DSK Honcho type built up spar using round tube as flanges. All these spars are easy to make for an...
  2. mullacharjak

    The dangers of cheap plywood

    Waterproof glue line is dark coloured/Maroon and you can soak the ply in water to find out about the glue.
  3. mullacharjak

    Usable single-seater on 24 hp?

    Mini straton D7/D8 would easily fly with the V twin engine.A conventional landing gear may be added.But the wing needs to be simplified like a kolb Ultrastar maybe.
  4. mullacharjak

    Lazair on Floats with Rotax 185's needs more power, Ideas?

    Sorry off topic but is there a way to turn out a homebuilt Lazair?I know there were no drawings.Its a great ultralight aircraft.
  5. mullacharjak

    Propeller duplicator plans

    Years ago I made a propeller for a Rotax 503 and various model engine propellers using the Gary Mcgill kite industries duplicator.It turned out good propellers.
  6. mullacharjak

    Another Ace Aviation - Redrive for Honda Silverwing. 50 hp 4 stroke engine.

    Somebody installed the honda 500 cc V twin silverwing on a CGS hawk.A video was posted also.He said to have run the engine for 4oo hours before he sold it.It ran very well.
  7. mullacharjak

    Lazair on Floats with Rotax 185's needs more power, Ideas?

    A DLE 222 off the shelf engine giving almost similiar performance would seem attractive.It costs about 1500$ new or 1000$ used.It also weighs just 12 lbs.
  8. mullacharjak

    All-moving tail surfaces on pivoting, tubular spars

    Round tube spar in a bearing(plastic) was a feature of the Canadian Chinook Ultralight of the early 80s both rudder and elevator.There were no hinges as such.
  9. mullacharjak

    Basic Flyer

    Same thing available as a plan from called Beamer I but as a pusher. The fuselage made from window profile sections.The plans are listed for 39 $. Another ultralight fitting the description but with a second wing,Hovey Delta bird.
  10. mullacharjak

    Basic Flyer

    Another ultralight similiar in concept with some differences.
  11. mullacharjak

    Usable single-seater on 24 hp?

    A lightened David cook Shadow ultralight with the said engine.Full cantilever and without the struts.I think the front seat of the shadow is the best for view,It would be a very fast aircraft also.Maybe a tailwheel to reduce weight .
  12. mullacharjak

    How to make a full dual control two seater Affordaplane and how to power it?

    Already been done.Saw a clip on the web.A two seat affordaplane with a vw engine built in Argentina.He stretched it about 9 inches.Not dual stick. That would be easy to add.Plus a Rotax 582 instead of the vw and a wingspan stretch to 30 feet.
  13. mullacharjak

    Kolb Ultrastar - need details

    Samolot Ultrastar.
  14. mullacharjak

    Kolb Ultrastar - need details

    Are you interested in the Ultrastar or the flyer.The flyer is twin engined and rare.Not many were built.The real challenge in building a flyer would be finding engines for it.
  15. mullacharjak

    Hello.Hope u are well.Are u on facebook or e mail address.I may have some information.

    Hello.Hope u are well.Are u on facebook or e mail address.I may have some information.
  16. mullacharjak

    Minimax wings on an Affordaplane

    Aside from the cost I think it would be better if you built the Affordaplane wings.They are much easier to build than a minimax wing.Will save all the redesigning and you will have confidence in the work you do yourself.Ive found that for amateur homebuilders the worst enemy slowing you down is...
  17. mullacharjak

    Legal Eagle ease of entry?

    Entry into Legal eagle cockpit seems like going on a picnic compared to Pietenpol aircamper front cockpit entry.
  18. mullacharjak

    Kolb Ultrastar - need details

    Just when we think it is dead it somehow bounces back.the Ultrastar.Dana had a nice low flying clip on utube which is now difficult to find.There is some welding involved.The wing spar is a 5 inch OD 6063 tube which is an architectural grade and possibly easier to find.Dont know if its a good...
  19. mullacharjak

    Minimax 1030 build

    My understanding so far.The wood goes through a thickness planer only or hand plane.The plywood is sanded slightly.Glue within 24 hours.I suggest not to sand the spar caps.
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