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  1. Pops

    What type of flying machines is this ?

    My neighbor and his wife was out walking at about 5 AM this morning and took this picture with his cell phone. He was standing in his driveway and the electric pole and wires are for the house across the road. The objects are coming from the northeast going southwest. The ridge runs...
  2. Pops

    For sale, Buckeye Dream Machine powered Parachute.

    2 place Buckeye Dream Machine powered Parachute. Serial #4669 , 1999. Engine Rotax 503, aircooled with dual carbs, Ivoprop 3 blade prop, Bent tube on top of the left side where a tree limb fell down on the tube. Been covered with a canvas cover in a hanger. New spare tire and tube. Not...
  3. Pops

    Video of Culver Props making wood props

    Culver has made 4 props for me. Nice people. Grandfather asked a lot of questions and got the dia and pitch just what I wanted. He died a couple years ago. His Granddaughter also knows the business.
  4. Pops

    Pictures of my 1835 cc, flywheel drive VW engine project

    Pictures of my 1835 cc, flywheel drive VW engine project. Haven't worked on it for several months. Was hoping to get the prop extension turned this winter and the brackets made for the mag mount on the pulley end. All the Bob Hoover HVX mods are done. Stock 69mm, German forged STD crank, all...
  5. Pops

    Non Gyro and Radar Approaches

    How many has been taught Non Gyro and Radar Approaches and do you as an instructor teach these approaches ?
  6. Pops

    4 Seat Bearhawk wing struts

    For Sale-- 4 Seat Bearhawk wing struts. 2 sets . Price $190 a set of 2 struts. Located at airport 2WV3.
  7. Pops

    Fuel tank question

    I have built 6 fiberglass fuel tanks in the past. I used fiber glass on each side of a 1/2 urethane foam core. Question. What is the pro's and con's of using CF instead of the heavier fiberglass ? I have been very happy with the FG tanks except for the weight. I know I can make a lighter...
  8. Pops

    Axles for sale

    Pair of axles. I believe the are for a Grumman Yankee. Not sure, but the part numbers are #701042 and 702042. Hope someone has a Yankee and would want them first. I can't see any damage. Price is, pay for the postage. If interested send a private e-mail.
  9. Pops

    Ion aircraft

    Local man's company built the prototype and factory molds. I was at the factory when they were working on this. First class work. They also make the cowling, wheel pants, etc , for the Tailwind.
  10. Pops

    4 seat Bearhawk wing kit

    Scratch built wing,flaps, ailerons, kit for the 4 seat Bearhawk. Ribs made for the wings, flaps and ailerons, spar webs made with all the material for the spars, all 4130 hardware, pulleys, wing struts with machined ends. Rivets and rivet gun. All wing skins. No fiberglass wing tips. Price...
  11. Pops


    2 place Buckeye powered parachute for sale. Been setting in the hanger for several years. Large Rotex engine. In my good friends hanger next door. I'm sure the price will be very cheap. He wants it gone. If interested send me an email and I will give you his phone number. At airport 2WV3.
  12. Pops

    Has anyone be thinking of designing a more modern, light weight powered sailplane ?

    Has anyone been thinking of designing a more modern wood , light weight powered sailplane similar to the Fournier RF-3 ? Lighter EW with a lot of carbon fiber parts , but main structure wood. Also powered by a 1200cc to 1835cc light weight VW engine, ( 40 to 60 HP). I have been thinking about...
  13. Pops

    How to have an experimental C-85 on my Homebuilt aircraft ?

    What do I need to do to have an experimental C-85 engine on my homebuilt? I bought an engine that was minus parts and was one time on a C-140 over 30 years ago and the engine was stored for many years. Was less intake spider, carb, intake tubes , oil tank, etc. I bought parts that were...
  14. Pops

    4130N Tubing for Sale

    4130N tubing for sale-- American made, ( not Chinese) Pickup only due to the lengths. Price-- 1/2 of Aircraft Spruce Prices. 3/8" x .035 ----- 2 -- 12' lengths. 5/8" x .035 ----- 1-- 8' length. 3/4" x .035 ----- 7-- Joints. ( Joints are from 17' to 22' long). 3/4" x .049 ----- 4-- Joints...
  15. Pops

    What Vacuum pump to buy?

    After the JMR is finished and flying and I am satisfied with the design I want to make new carbon fiber cowl and doors, instrument panel, and boot cowl. When its finish and flying I need something to build. Friend of mine, Brian Alley, has a business making carbon fiber products doing vacuum...
  16. Pops

    Want to invent a steam powered airplane ?

    Want to invent a steam powered airplane ? Better hurry up.
  17. Pops

    Looking for Stainless Steel pre-bent tubing

    I want to make a SS exhaust system for JMR Special. I am looking for 1 1/2", 1 3/4", 2" dia SS tubing in .035 wall thickness. All I can find is in .050 wall thickness. I can find it in straight lengths but not in pre-bent .035. Like here...
  18. Pops

    The future in an aircraft charging system

    Been looking at Thermoelectric generators. Would be nice to have the valve cover pans and oil pans on the engine generating the electric power for charging the battery in the electrical system.
  19. Pops

    How many has been watching "Plane Savers" on utube ?

    Mickey McBryan from Ice Pilots has been restoring a DC-3 starting at the first of the year with post on utube each day. Flew the DC-3 the first time yesterday. I have been watching from day one. His father flew it for the first flight.
  20. Pops

    Small world

    Picture of my 1959 Cessna 172 that I restored is in an episode 144 of "Plane Savers" on utube today that I sold to a man in Germany for his flying museum at 7:51 minutes to 9:10 minutes. Before picture, after picture and picture in Germany.
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