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    Repairing Small Ding in Engine Mount

    By "blendout" I understand this to mean 20x the depth of the "damage." Hypothetically, a 1/4" depth would witness a 5" taper up to the regular OD of the tube. FWIW
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    Rubber press forming

    Overlays were made from .090 6061. Take the material to "W" temper and form them as described in John Thorp's article on building the wing in Sport Aviation. I'm away from the computer that has the file or I'd give you a date and/or attach the .pdf. May get things straightened out where I...
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    Rubber press forming

    Generally, For the T-18 nose ribs, I have a 3/4" thick piece of 2024, The external dimension of the rib was milled out and the corners radiused on both sides to permit forming "lefts" and "rights" Like the beautiful die at the beginning of this thread, I have a press die made from 3/4"...
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    Rubber press forming

    This thread (which I was surprised to find I'd contributed to, previously) warrants reference to the "slip ring and die method" Many T-18 ribs were fully formed by this process, as well. Get deeper into your rubber pad forming. Enclosing the rubber in a box is beneficial. It can raise the...
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    Using softer solid rivets

    WKTaylor, is a sharp and laudably conservative intellect. He writes very accurately, so you have to read him carefully to get the full value contained in his posts. John Thorp was brilliant and WK has many of his qualities. You had to listen to John even better, as like the proverbial...
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    Is this the Privateer Orion was talking about?

    I'd be more inclined to turn using bank than differential thrust. I crewed on Frank Sander's Sea Fury the year Mr. Lacy flew the "big one" FWIW
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    Exhaust within subcowl

    John Thorp designed augmentor exhausts for many aircraft, and, surprisingly, a Porche 911 that allowed the owner to dispense with the cooling fan and save 20-30 HP loss. It will be hard (from what I understand of your approach) to "harness" the power of the exhaust pulse. You'll gain a better...
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    Baffling your VW engine

    A few observations might be helpful. First, you're dealing with pressure differential in inches of water not psi. Second, more thought should be given to how the engine was originally cooled, by a fan. I'm not sure what the design "Delta P" was for the VW but proper design for a passive...
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    Fabrication and Production of Compound Curved Sheet Metal Panels

    You might want to go to TM Tech's website ( and look into "flow forming" It would be more repeatable for a relatively minimum fixture/pattern cost
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    Budd Manufacturing

    I think pressure is an important factor in spot welding SS. The general configuration of the plane on the pedestal (above) reminds me of the Fleetwing Seabird. FWIW
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    Work rules / practices

    I picked up a new C-172 at the factory in '78. Pre-flight resulted in a double handful of rivets, washers, nuts and bolts. - and I didn't get it all! As for extra alternator belt, The one I recall was wrapped/taped in plastic to reduce weatherization and secured with zip ties.
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    Tangential mufflers vs. tuned headers and flow-through

    Peterson said: " has some drawings of a tangential muffler. The basic idea is that the exhaust pulses enter the side of the muffler body and swirl around colliding out of phase with eachother thus reducing the volume and exit out the end" It seems (almost) that the essential point...
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    Help With Intake Design

    Armilite said: " Alternators don't Fail very often" Misses the point. "Fail Safe Mode" design is an approach that predicts failure and deals with it, prospectively, before its occurrence. What's a "safe" flight period after alternator failure? 15 minutes, 30? the EFI injectors use lots...
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    Help With Intake Design

    I agree with the performance of the EFI over carbs, but have continued concern over length of flight after the alternator fails and your high pressure electric fuel pump gobbles up the battery reserve. FWIW
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    rt angle drill ¼-28 thd

    Boeing prints a drill guide for its employees for such a large spread of materials and diameters that I'm still "spun" I have such a drill motor. Take what you can get. If I wanted to fix Boeing's criteria I'd need a 7000 rpm drill motor.
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    Timber Tiger Ryan ST replica to be at Oshkosh AirVenture 2018

    Same airfoil? Or did you pick a "softer" stalling wing?
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    liquid cooled, fail-safe, thermostat

    There's more to the dynamics of a liquid cooling system than the engine getting quickly to the operating temperature. Coolant with more than about 10 degrees Delta T won't mix well. You can prove this by placing a ½ full glass of water in the freezer (don’t let it freeze) and then gently...
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    O-200 Remote Oil Tank

    John Thorp's approach to the "Poor Man's Area Rule" was to match the leading edge of the next fuselage "feature" with the thickest cross-section of the "feature" proceeding it. This included remotely located features such as the leading edge of the wing with the wheel pants, for example...
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    O-200 Remote Oil Tank

    Winginit said: "I would put some type of simple aerator in it" Doncha mean de-aerator? :^) The Dry-sump tanks you see in racecars have vertical height for just that purpose. A plate of perforated (1/8 holes) would work pretty well. Second approach is to have the oil flow down a...
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    Trim tab solution

    Lots of different builders have added trim tabs to moveable control surfaces, but few are aware that the "responsible modifier" will test for flutter effects with the acutating arm detached. FWIW
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