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    Single-seat ultralight puddlejumper: the "Carbonmax"

    What happened to the LT-1, why was work apparently stopped?
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    Single-seat ultralight puddlejumper: the "Carbonmax"

    A friend that is a really good pilot and has owned and flown numerous kinds of airplanes (ag planes,Tri-Motors, warbirds, antiques, numerous experimentals, etc.) said he'll never own another single seat aircraft because you don't have someone to share the experience with and you're too tempted...
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    Modern Aircooled 4-Cylinder Aircraft Engine Using Contemporary Engine Technology

    I wouldn't put much stock in what EPI says and instead look at who's funding this and what they've done. Based on what I've seen so far of the company I have a lot of respect for Vashon and the fact that they seem to underpromise and overdeliver. Rare among homebuilt startups.
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    Single-seat ultralight puddlejumper: the "Carbonmax"

    Fun design Bob. One of the tips I've learned from Burt is NEVER wet layup (contact layup) carbon- always vacuum bag. You can't tell when the air is out like you can with glass. I won't say which project he learned the hard way on this one :)
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    Simple design for pressurized Sailplane

    When I was doing certified seat crash testing at CAMI in OK City they told a story of testing a gal who was a drop dead gorgeous blonde Air Force pilot and literally never was affected by altitude tests in their chamber during the entire test. Of course airhead jokes were plentiful.
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    Tri-Mower Design

    Does anyone know of a published study of drag build-ups comparing single, twin, tri, and quad recip engines for a given airframe and total power output?
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    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    If he's adding the mass balance to the midline for flutter then it won't work.
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    Strojnik Books

    Anyone have these three books they'll sell, rent, or loan me? Low Power Laminar Aircraft Design, Low Power Laminar Aircraft Structures and Low Power Laminar Aircraft Technologies
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    importing auto engine to US

    Has anyone had direct experience importing a non-EPA engine to the US for an aircraft application without it getting confiscated by the EPA or customs?
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    language advice from my European friends

    I think French is winning. Plus it plays well into some climbs and hikes we would like to do. Merci mon copains.
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    language advice from my European friends

    My son is an elite junior rower and we expect to go to Europe quite a bit over the next at least 9 years doing world championship competitions. What single language beside English should I learn that is the most spoken between these countries that all regularly hold international rowing...
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    Long flight SE to NW Planning

    The Ercoupe is about the fastest certified plane you can get for the money. Fred Weick was one of the best certified aircraft designers that has ever been and his designs far ahead of their time. At its peak the Erco factory was putting out 34 aircraft *a day*. Name any other aircraft company...
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    Reduction drives

    Get on Paul Lamar's email list and ask him. Tracy's PSRUs come up for sale sometimes. There's also plans for building one yourself out of a planetary (C6 or similar). A bit lighter than Tracey's. I built one and didn't use it so sold it a couple decades ago. Don't...
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    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    FWIW I for one would appreciate a more civil tone with this thread as the negativity and person attacks are getting rather tiresome. Peter is a homebuilder like many of us and he's done a heck of a lot more than 99% of us on this forum. Sure, there are issues, and I've mentioned them myself...
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    Best Quotes

    My favorite two from aircraft cert work: "In God we trust, all others bring data" "A test is worth a thousand expert opinions"
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    Briggs vanguard conversions

    Google William Wynne's method (actually a very old method- prob from the 1800s). The ENGINE gets mounted to the wheel to measure torque and doesn't spin :) Start here.
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    Briggs vanguard conversions

    You typically have to mount the engine on a test stand anyway- mount it to an old wheel from the junkyard (or an old trailer you or your neighbor has lying around) and measure the torque with an arm and scale. Super simple.
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    Briggs vanguard conversions

    Going from memory- look through Corvair archives and WW does the testing with a pretty good explanation of the math. Essentially measures torque and RPM to get power.
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    Regulation Free Zone

    Last week I was having breakfast with a local innovative aircraft designer and mentioned to him an idea I had- take a huge piece of private land (TX? NV?) and make it completely free of any and all air regulations. And make a national law that holds the owner of the land completely free of all...
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    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    Truth here. The only reasonable move for the $2.7 million owed to investors. Staying with the current abomination is negligence. If he wants to continue his engine development he must do it on a proven airframe, likely a twin.
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