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  1. MadRocketScientist

    The Zenair Cricket (CriCri) Flutter debacle

    Rather than continuing to hijack the CH 640 thread here >> I think its best to continue this part of the discussion in its own thread. There was quite a mess in the late 1970's when CriCri kits were being produced and...
  2. MadRocketScientist

    Larger diameter for prop bolt PCD layout?

    I have the opportunity to increase the pitch circle diameter that the prop bolts on my engines for my CriCri as I am making new prop hubs to suit the starter ring gear and spinner mounts. The bolts are currently on a 46mm diameter circle on the ZDZ210 engines but some of the other engines around...
  3. MadRocketScientist

    Teflon coated wire vs Silicon coated wire

    Does anyone have any comments on the pros and cons of using silicon coated wire rather than Teflon coated wire? Thanks in advance... Shannon
  4. MadRocketScientist

    New member having issues getting registered

    I have been contacted by someone who would like to join the forum but is having problems getting the confirmation email and registration finalized. Who is best to help with this? Shannon.
  5. MadRocketScientist

    Tolerances for two stroke bore roundness?

    Does anyone know what sort of tolerances are required for now much out of round is acceptable in a 52mm (2.05") two stroke bore? I have been experimenting with my ZDZ210's and after cutting the tops off the barrels of one and brazing in some bolt mountings for separate heads, the bores have...
  6. MadRocketScientist

    Helpful CAD airfoil smoothing tutorial

    I came across this airfoil tweaking tutorial the other day, it has come in quite handy when interpolating points in CAD and getting a really smooth foil from points. Shannon.
  7. MadRocketScientist

    Ideal aircraft engine power curve?

    Another question that I have been pondering for a while is what is the ideal power curve for an engine in a airplane. In this website below they have changed from a fairly flat curve to a peak around takeoff and cruise RPM. 620 HP Big-Block Based Engine by EPI Inc. To me this makes more...
  8. MadRocketScientist

    Radial cowl intake lip design?

    Hi Guys, Just a quick question, does anyone have any info on designing the lip on a radial/annular intake, aka Rare Bear. I am considering using this for my cooling and carb intake air on my two stroke CriCri engines. Shannon.
  9. MadRocketScientist

    Chilton DW-1 build in NZ

    Here are a few pictures of the Chilton build at the local airfield. (The first one is an idea of the finished product:gig:) The build progress is going ahead at a great rate of knots so I will try to get more pictures as things progress. As soon as John (the builder, not Bob) gets the wheels it...
  10. MadRocketScientist

    HPA ornithopter

    Not sure if this has been posted here before but I think a flapping HPA is quite an achievement. Shannon.
  11. MadRocketScientist

    How to design a low drag low lift airfoil section for struts and wheel fairings.

    Not sure what section this needs to go into, I think its in the correct one, maybe we need an aerodynamics section of the forums (or not:ponder:;)). There might be someone on here that can help me out (Orion comes to mind, hint hint:gig::gig:) What I need is info on how to go about designing...
  12. MadRocketScientist

    Adapting model aircraft engines for human use

    Hi all, As some of you will be aware I am currently building a CriCri MC-15. I intend to use model aircraft engines instead of the out of production and not so reliable JPX engines. I have quite a few ideas given to me already about what sort of modifications need to be done to increase...
  13. MadRocketScientist

    Why not an HBA Magazine?

    How about a Homebuilt magazine. Shannon.
  14. MadRocketScientist

    View counter for attachments?

    Hi Jake, This is a feature I find helpful on other forums, I tend to post a lot of pictures and it is good to see which ones get the most views so I can post ones that people are more likely to be interested in. Usually each picture has a small view counter below it. Just a random idea;). What...
  15. MadRocketScientist

    CriCri MC-15 in NZ

    Hi all, I am currently building a CriCri and it has been suggested that I make a build thread. The project started in November last year when I purchased some CriCri plans but I have only been building it for the last few months. I first saw Nev Hay's CriCri (ZK-LBW) at Classic fighters at...
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